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Locksmith Chiswick is an acknowledged and reliable locksmith company specialised in opening doors and replacing locks. Competitively priced, fast and professional! Whether you want to change the locks in your home preventively or wish to set up a complete locking system with individual access rights in your business premises, our skilled locksmiths can do it all! Locksmith Chiswick is fast and cheap. Want to know more about us? 

Competitive prices and customer satisfaction

Competitive prices and customer satisfaction are our main priorities. We always apply the most competitive locksmith rates. Moreover, our owners are involved in every appointment to ensure your complete satisfaction with our lock service. You can count on a licensed locksmith to provide you with fast key service and free and correct advice on locks. 

Always a locksmith nearby

With Emergency Locksmith Chiswick W4 service, we offer help with all kinds of lock and key-related problems. We guarantee this key service within a wide area around the regions of North and South Chiswick. In this area, there is always a key specialist near you for a professional solution and approach to door, lock or key problems. We guarantee a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes before the locksmith will be with you.

If you are not sure whether we offer our lock service in Chiswick W4, please contact us. There is a good chance that our locksmith can also be present in other places within 30 minutes.


Burglary is exceptionally annoying. Make sure that you consistently report it to the police first to have any traces secured. Your home or business premises may be no longer adequately secured following the burglary. In these cases, contact a local locksmith in the area. 

Burglary Damage Repair

Locksmith W4 is a specialist in repairing burglary damage. Our locksmith technicians are capable professionals who can do any job. If your lock has been forced due to burglary and is broken, we will remove the lock from the door and replace it with a new lock with new keys. A new lock is always installed professionally and in accordance with safety regulations. Our mechanic has a service car equipped with quality tools and a large stock of security locks. We can replace virtually all types of locks in homes, offices and business premises on site. Regardless of the brand, type or size, for example: profile cylinders, mortice locks, mortise locks, pin locks, and all other locks that may be present in your home or business premises. 

Car, truck, caravan or bicycle lock repair and open 

Locksmith is regularly called in to open the most diverse vehicles. From expensive cars to large trucks and even bicycle locks. With the right tools and the necessary know-how, every lock can be opened.

It goes as follows: we respond to your call and send one of our car locksmiths to help. He will gain access to your vehicle, possibly with the use of special tools, after which you can use your keys again and get on with your day. 

Our dispatch point: St Thomas' Rd, Chiswick, London W4 3LE

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