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by on August 15, 2021
Looking for items to enhance the charm of your house? Nothing could beat the beauty of Indian handmade craft. When it comes to decorating your house, one should be picky and that's the reason we are recommending handmade craft items. Not only they will beautify your house but will make it look like a royal place. However, one has to be very cautious about the maintenance of these handmade products as with time, if not maintained properly, handmade products start losing their charm. Hence, this article will help you to maintain them and enhance the longevity of your handmade products. But before that, it understands the factors that affect the quality of handicraft products

Factors affecting the quality of Handmade craft

Handmade crafts come in different structures and are made with diverse crude materials. Further, the workmanship things are made using normal materials, keeping their qualities in mind. With the goal that the item utilized isn't effortlessly harmed.

1.Variation in the level of humidity

Handicraft products made from natural ingredients are generally dried at the time of the manufacturing process before being made into items. Thusly, these craftsmanship items will have diverse protection to environmental humidity. For instance, if not stored in a dry place, few of these products will mold.

2.Different temperature resistance>/h2> Some handmade craft products are made out of natural materials including bamboo, water hyacinth matting, banana fronds matting, pandan leaf matting, etc. Because they are dried ingredients natural handicraft raw materials must be flammable.

3.Natural materials react with substances and the environment

Natural materials used in making handmade crafts are derived from plants. Further, these plants might respond when exposed to certain synthetic compounds. Hence, they require attention to laying down or storing handicraft items.

How to take care of handicraft products made from natural raw materials?

One must be very cautious in the case of handicraft products especially if that certain products are made from plants or other natural raw materials. Such products require extra attention in maintaining and using them. If you have these items, note these points.

1.Differentiating material

There are hard natural materials such as wood crafts , like wood, stems, and roots. In any case, it isn't remarkable for crafted works produced using non-hard materials. for example, leaves or plants like fiber. By recognizing its qualities, we will better see how to store and take care of products made out of these materials.

2.Habit of cleaning periodically

Regardless of the home decor product you purchase, it's essential to clean them periodically. If we compare factory-made products and handmade products, handmade products need to be cleaned more often. If after use of your handmade product is exposed to dirt and foreign substances need to be cleaned immediately as it can damage your product. Moreover, if the handmade product is moldy due to excessive environmental humidity, moisturizers such as oil must be used. However, one must follow this tip depending on the procedures according to the ingredient as oil can be used incorrectly. For removing dust stains, use a soft brush, cold hairdryer, or vacuum cleaner. Using water or detergent is prohibited. If required, opt for wet tissue specifically on the dirty part. Then immediately dry again in the sun to dry. Further, before storing putting silica gel in plastic is mandatory. If the material gets exposed to fungus easily, enter 3-4 bags of silica gel.

3.Find a right place If two handmade products are originating from the same raw material, storing them together at that place won't be an issue. But if both of them are made from two different raw materials, storing them in different places is important.

The right place to shop handmade products online

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