Evan Wilson
by on August 24, 2021

The B2B educational market is no doubt an ever growing sector, with many great opportunities. However, it can be difficult to navigate, as many B2B companies get caught up in the disconnect that comes from the fact that teachers will be the clients working closely with your product, yet are not the final decision makers when it comes to purchasing power. Understanding details like this can really make or break your educational B2B marketing outreach. With that being said, here are 4 useful tips to help you make a great impression on your list of high schools in Toronto.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to parse out your target audience, and work on winning them over first. When it comes to the educational B2B market, it can be overwhelming to think about just how many separate groups of people will be involved in your marketing outreach. You want to make a good impression on the teachers, the students, the faculty and even the parents of students! However, it is not recommended that you go super vague with your outreach in order to maximize the chances of appealing to every single group at once. Do not be afraid to personalize your messages to each segment one by one. After all, making a great impression with any one group can help with how your product will be received by any of the other groups. Once one group is won over, the others may very well follow.

Secondly, consider using video marketing strategies. Video can be an incredibly compelling way to get your points across, and can be viewed rather quickly by potential clients. A well-made and effective video about your educational product can pay dividends. After all, once you have the video made, you can reach a wider variety of people and faculty at Canadian public schools with the simple click of a button. This ties into the importance of creating multiple different methods of inbound marketing for every step of the buyers journey. With a mixture of everything from educational videos, to ebooks and webinars, you can use all the chances available to you to impress your potential clients.

Thirdly, it’s all about problem solving. When it comes to making a big splash in the educational market, it is a pretty safe bet to always highlight how your product can make educator and student lives easier and better. If your product can help solve educational problems being faced by primary schools in Canada, than you should always be driving that point home.

Lastly, always be genuine with your list of high schools in Toronto. People in the educational market are not looking for jargon, or vague sales pitches. They want to feel that they can trust you, and that your message is personalized and human enough to register with them. So focus on telling the real testimonials of educators and students who loved your product. Go the extra mile, and segment out your client base with Scott’s Directories list of schools in Canada, so that you can provide a more customized experience.

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