by on September 1, 2021

If your parents or grandparents wish to leave in their old house where they spent so many joyful years, but you cannot move with them due to your professional responsibilities, you should give them their independence. You should let them live where they want and how they want. According to us, it will be the best gift for them from you. They live a few years of their lives happily and on their condition.

We know you are worried about their health and other daily chores. We know you are worried about how they will handle everything in your absence and will they be safe or not in the house. The fear is very true. So, we recommend renovating the house for them as per their requirements. You just need to make small adjustments and everything will be perfectly fine for them.

Before making any changes in your house, you should get a comprehensive home safety assessment by a trained advisor or occupational therapist. Along with them, you should look for one of the best painting contractors near you. The experts will assess every part of the house and identify potential safety concerns. They will provide a complete home remodeling summary, recommendations, and checklists.

Things you should consider when renovating a house for the elderly

• The flooring in the house should be slip-resistant to reduce the chance of slips and trips. The slip-resistant floorings have a high coefficient of friction, which will be comfortable, easy to walk and maintain.

• The house for the elderly should have wide doors and hallways for maneuvering a wheelchair, walker, or mobility scooter easily. The doors and hallways should be at least 36” (standard size) with smoother sliding, easier pulling/pushing door features.

• The window and doorknobs should be lever-styled because they are easier to grip and hold. You should replace the old ones before shifting. These knobs will be helpful for the elderly with limited motions and mobility.

• The color of the rooms should be bright because the elderly will spend more time inside. Bright colors will make the room warm, cozy, and welcoming. Experts who specialize in residential painting services will help in the same.

• There should be a walk-in closet with lowered hanging racks and drawers and many rooms to maneuver. A walk-in closet with proper lighting helps in arranging and finding the essentials and personal belongings easily.

• The grab bars and bed rails will add safety features to the house. You should install them around bedrooms, kitchen, and toilet areas to avoid any minor accident that can occur anywhere in the house.

• There should be seated workspaces in an open, well-ventilated space. You should add comfortable chairs at a proper distance to avoid painful bending.

• There should be phone extensions in every room on a low surface and easily accessible distance with an emergency contact button. Access to phones in each room will make communication easier for the people.

• Lastly, there should medical alerts systems or emergency response systems should be installed in the house. These systems will give peace of mind to the elderly because they know the immediate medical help or emergency assistance is only a button-press away.

With these simple renovation tips, we are sure the elder members of your family will live a safe and happy life even when they are alone, away from you.

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