Geoffrey Allard
by on September 1, 2021
Briefly About Russia
The Arctic and Subarctic zones force Russians to protect themselves from the insanely harsh winter. To do this, they try to insulate their homes as much as possible and dress warmly.
And a heated jacket can be a giant salvation, as it is one of the most comfortable and convinient clothes for winter of any type. In Russia, it is beginning to gain huge popularity among residents. Everyone has a burning desire to buy and sell such a product.
But it is worth considering that to conduct the sale of heated clothing, two main things are needed:
Know the specifics of the region to attract buyers
With the first of them, our company Folfox will be able to help your business fully. And about what kind of heated jacket attracts Russians for a walk in -30°C, we will tell you below.
Russians may have too many preferences, but nine options are mostly predominant.
Heated Down Jacket
The jacket is suitable for those who want to fully protect themselves from the weather and cold. Thanks to the hood, it is possible to protect your head and keep warm better if the hat does not help. Moreover, the Russians take such heated jackets due to the property to unfasten the hood whenever they want. The design is practical and fashionable, for a walk in the freezy cold it is the best.
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