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Curtains are one of the essential elements of the rooms. It is practically impossible to understand a room without curtains, due to the significant advantages they provide. In this sense, we are talking about the fact that the curtains can regulate the light that enters the room, offering greater privacy, and of course, after all, they are one of the significant decoration elements of the room. Generally, we usually leave curtains in the background when we think about decoration. Still, since natural light is the most important source of lighting in our house, choosing the curtains that best suit each room and our needs are vitally crucial for light, temperature, and privacy. Considering the theme of decoration, before getting fully into the different types of curtains that we can choose both for our bedroom and our living room curtains, we must think about how they will integrate with the environment.

Factors to take into account

The choice of the curtain will have to be based on the decorative style of the room. Depending on its decoration, we will choose the color and style that suits you best (curtains, blinds, blackout, etc.) since curtains are one of the most colorful elements and what we are looking for is the harmony of everything in the room. We can choose plain or patterned fabrics depending on how we seek to integrate the curtains into the decoration. In this way, the size of the prints would also have to be in line with the size of the room, where the more extensive the room, the more significant these prints can be. Likewise, we can choose the length of the curtains, if we like them to hang above the floor - they get less dirty and are more practical - or add a few extra centimeters so that they rest on the floor and drag - they provide extra warmth to stay -.

Curtains for the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most critical places in the house dedicated to rest. In addition, it is a very intimate place since nobody likes to be disturbed when they are sleeping. Therefore, we must take into account in the curtains that we use their opacity. One of the options that we can contemplate is to have blackout curtains of thick or dense fabric such as canvas or taffeta entirely since they are more appropriate to prevent light from entering the bedroom. Thanks to this, we can plunge the room into the darkness when we want to rest. On the other hand, we can also choose less radical curtains by making them semi-opaque - cotton or linen - or translucent - sheers - and when we are looking for that total darkness, we do it by lowering the blind ultimately. Other people prefer to provide their bedrooms with light and opt for more translucent curtains with which they manage to create a more natural environment. An option that is gaining more and more strength is to use a combination of both types of curtains simultaneously; when we want more light, we use the semi-opaque ones or the curtains, and when we want more intimacy by closing the blackout curtain, we will already have complete darkness. Regardless of this opacity, when choosing the curtains for our bedroom, we have to consider the colors, for example, their combination with bedding or walls. The colors and patterns of the curtains should complement the rest of the décor.

Curtains for the living room

Unlike the bedroom, in the living rooms, what is usually sought is to have greater luminosity so that the curtains that allow light entry have a greater acceptance in this type of room. Opt for sheers with light and airy fabrics such as cotton or linen since, thanks to the properties of their materials, they let light through much better, illuminating the room much more effectively. Choose curtains with light colors; white and cream are the most used if you also want more natural light. The clamps are also a widely used resource, making the curtains tied to both sides of the window stand out much more and allow better light to enter. In the living room, you can also combine curtains and sheers as in the bedroom. Lately, it has become fashionable to combine blinds with curtains or curtains in the living rooms. For the rest, we can continue playing with the combination of colors concerning other elements such as the chairs or sofas, making the curtains in the living room become one more element in the decoration of the room itself if you are in doubt about which color to choose, neutral tones never fail.

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