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It's full form is BHOSDIKE. You can see full detail of BSDK, full forms of BSDK, and the full detail of BSDK in the article given below.

BSDK Full form

(This full form was given to BHOS and other BHOS-associated students during the introductory programme by Rector Elmar Gasimov and BHOS rector candidates.) As you can see the full name of BSDK in full form is BHOSDIKE which is the combination of the noun “Baku Higher Oil School” and the word “Our” or “Us”. So in the full form of BSDK, it means BHOS “Our”, you are the ones which “Must” return to BHOS. You can find the full name and detailed information of BSDK in the official website of BHOS in the section “more details”. The full name BHOS DIKE is a quote taken from the Memorandum of Cooperation signed on December 6th, 2016 in Baku between BHOS and Askeran State University named after Martiros Saryan.

Meaning of BSDK

BSDK stands for the Brain Computer Interface. BSDK as a project Developers have been working on Brain Computer Interface (BCI) since 2007. What it is? It is any device which records or interprets the signals from the brain and, based on these signals, a human or a computer can perform a task. The BCI field is called biohacking. The primary purpose of BCI devices is for communication. However, BHOSDIKE can also be used to transmit images or other sensory data to a BCI. The maximum data input is 150MHz, but maximum data output is 100Hz. It is capable of 120 Hz. The project's web page describes its main components and information about its brain activity based BCI control algorithms. The main components are: 2.4 GHz Wireless Network Interface board, a pulse generator and LED displays.

Definition of BSDK

BSDK stands for Bakcell, high performance and reliable Smart Ethernet access to internet. Bakcell is a leading telecom operator of Azerbaijan which provides an advanced and affordable telecommunication services. This year we will carry out some important work: the finalizing process of modernizing and implementing our optical fiber network. This is a very important project for Bakcell. In fact, the majority of people in Azerbaijan prefer the fixed communication system, which offers high quality and reliable services. This project is a key and significant process for Bakcell because we are carrying out this work in the old transmission line of Baku-Sabunchu (Baku - Alat), which is an important high-density point.

Explanation of BSDK

BSDK allows students and adult learners to increase their reading speed by some 2000 words a minute, allowing a person to read 26 books per month, from the typical 20-30 books per month. The BSDK program can be used to increase reading speed of all users and all versions of Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Firefox, Yahoo!, QQ Browser, Google Music, and many more applications. BSDK full form is used in many modern countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, where the population has increasing use of text-based applications. Borrowing. Borrowing and educational loans are two different things. Since 2000, the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan has provided the loans for pupils of boarding schools and free of charge for higher secondary schools.


Here we have presented about different students at BHOS. Students at BHOS are very hardworking, efficient, have great potential to become top engineers at any leading IT companies. These talents and skills need a very good preparation and as we can see at BHOS. BHOS new generation of engineers are modern, young, full of vitality, extremely energetic and have a very bright future ahead. Nowadays, every engineer must be familiar with the concepts and technologies of the top 500 IT companies and every manager must understand the requirements of the cutting edge companies as well.
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