Zhan Shi
by on September 14, 2021

What kind of concert truss for celebrations?

Concert truss is a hardware equipment for celebrations. Generally, the open-air stage is higher than the audience and can be viewed from all three sides.

Concert truss is designed with the "stage" as the center, when it is installed with lighting and sound equipment, it is like a princess with a diamond ring, gathering the attention of all.

Stage Concert truss, background Concert truss body has two forms of round and square tubes, both galvanized and rust-proof treatment, according to the needs of stage construction and personal preference to choose.

If you want to build a perfect stage, the main part of the stage selection is particularly important, temporary stage also has a variety of options, assembled stage price is slightly lower, folding stage for easy transportation, more stable Rhea stage, aluminum stage durable, suitable for long-term rental, "stage + Concert truss" to produce "1 + 1 > 2" effect, perfect hardware and equipment to provide the prerequisites for a successful performance.

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