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The primary duty of airport management is to ensure the proper functioning of the airport. This would, in turn, make sure that a safe trip is provided to the passenger. Therefore, there are different job sectors in an airport management course. These areas include safety management, flight management, business operations, and much more.

An airport management team manages the operational needs of all airports in the world. Its functions are to ensure the proper functioning of the airport, maintaining security, and providing state-of-the-art facilities to all its customers. While taking travel management training, you also learn about customer service and organizing innovative events. These usually occur with different airport agencies and airlines.

As an airport manager, you have to work with your team to ensure that your passengers are safe. This would leave a lasting impression by providing a satisfying experience. You can also attend international conferences to exchange different ideas. However, you would need to have an eye out for details.

The people who manage the special airport systems are also part of the team. However, they operate from areas outside the terminal buildings. After completing your airport management course, your job is to ensure the high performance of the aircraft. Your duties would include managing traffic on the slopes, handling luggage, conducting tours for essential personnel, and many more.

Eligibility Criteria For Airport Management Training Kolkata

There are a few eligibility criteria for air management training in Kolkata. Please follow the points mentioned below before admitting yourself to this course.

The main courses offered for airport management courses are BBA, MBA, and other short-term Diploma courses in Airport Management and Airport Land Management.

You can also take advantage of other professional training courses that are available. It would help you to become a logistics part of the airport management team. These courses have varying requirements of eligibility, and you can opt for them based on some criteria.

BBA courses are undergraduate courses that require the student to have passed 10 + 2 from a recognized board. The minimum aggregate has to be at least 60% (preferably from the mainstream).

MBA courses are postgraduate courses that require students to graduate from any recognized university. The minimum aggregate has to be of 50% grades in their subject. They must also pass entrance exams like the CAT, MAT, or other exams.

Diploma courses vary from institute to institute. However, students generally must have passed 10 + 2 in any branch. It can be based on arts, commerce, or science from any recognized board.

The airport management course fees are not very high. But since there is an increased demand for the master's degree, some private institutions charge high fees for the course.

Syllabus Included In The Aviation Management Courses In Kolkata

The curriculum for these courses is inspiring to study. If you are interested in this industry and want to know more about the world's most extensive transportation industry workflow, taking an airport management course would be great! By studying these courses, students better understand airport departments and their importance. Students also learn about the legal and business aspects of the various processes. This helps them to understand their roles once they become part of the airport management team.

In the first semesters, a student goes through subjects like Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Management Process, Airport Operations, Plane Maintenance. These help them understand the broader ideas about the industry as a whole. The students also develop and hone their skills to become better managers.

In later semesters, students learn aviation law, customer service, organizational behavior, cargo, transportation management, crew management, airport cleaning, security, and logistics. These topics give them a deeper understanding of how the airport works. Since these constitute all the little details that they have to follow, they become part of the airport management.

These courses also include project work that helps the student to conduct in-depth research in their sectors. It promotes creative thinking and allows candidates to hone their general skills. This helps them to strive to think outside the box and find solutions when necessary. These courses generally include industrial training programs to give you an idea of ​​what it feels like to work at an airport.

Common Jobs After Completing Aviation Management Courses In Kolkata

Some of the common jobs after completing an airport management course are as follows:

Airport Customer Service

If you are in this department, you help customers with their inquiries and questions. This is usually processed through phone calls, emails, and social media. They need help with placing reservations, refunds, name and date changes, or even changes.

Airport Ground Personnel

The primary job of airport ground personnel is to greet passengers during take-off and landing. It also plays a crucial role in airline operations, groundwork management, and coordination between customers, planes, and crew. They also make sure that every flight is safe and enjoyable.

Cargo Management Team

You are responsible for loading, unloading, securing, and moving cargo and baggage from the plane. You have to weigh the items and also keep the balance of the aircraft in the air. Suppose there are fragile or expensive items on board. In that case, you must ensure that they reach the customer safely and properly after the plane lands.

Safety and Maintenance Manager

If you are a Safety and Maintenance Manager, then you have HR under your wing. You have to hire, select, train and assign jobs to people. You also have to make schedules for counseling. You have to plan, control, maintain people's salaries and bonuses.

Airport Manager

The perfect job when you complete the airport management course is that of Airport Manager. Both national and international airports have an airport manager. This is to ensure the smooth operation of the airport on a day-to-day basis.

Different Types Of Airport Management Courses

Candidates, after any graduation, usually apply for jobs in airports. However, today the scenario is different. You would have to take the best aviation management courses in Kolkata to help you get your dream job!


This is a 2-year duration course suitable for candidates willing to work in management positions. The syllabus includes all basic airport and airline management and operations in depth. On completing the course, the candidates are expected to know various areas. These include airport operations management, airport financial management, air traffic management, and many more.


This undergraduate course is the best choice to make an entry into the aviation industry. The curriculum includes various topics like airport planning, airport security, dangerous goods, passenger forecasting, etc. In addition, English language and interview training provided during the course helps the candidate to develop personally. The eligibility to pursue this course is +2 pass and age between 17-24 years.


This is one of the perfect choices you could make to secure a well-paid job in the most lucrative industry. On completing this 12-month course, the aspirants are expected to have sound knowledge in aviation, tourism, and much more. The candidates are groomed for the etiquettes required in the service industry, making them eligible to work in national and international airlines, top-rated hotels, and luxurious resorts.


Either after +2 or any graduation, you can apply for this course. This is a 1-year course. You are introduced to every traditional airline's duties. These include cargo operations, ground handling, customer care, and even cabin crew training. In addition, the course encapsulates communication, grooming, interpersonal skills, etc., related to aviation.

Ending Note

Thus, here are some things you need to keep in mind before enrolling in an airport management course. First, keep in mind that this course isn't as easy as it seems! But, if you are consistent with your subjects, a well-earning job is secured for you.

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