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by on September 22, 2021

Affiliate marketing has already been established as the best source of earning passive income. Be it the marketing strategies to grow, be it best payouts, be it best CPA offers for affiliates it has shown great results already. Now let's understand how the deep data tracking and analysis provided by the best affiliate marketing network like Vellko benefits advertisers and publishers in endless ways.

Through Custom Reports :- Encouraging businesses is constructed on enthusiasm and hard work. However, long-term accomplishment arrives from completely comprehending the market, being cost-savvy, developing revenue streams, and preparing teams with the right methods to gauge success. Vellko has established an ecosystem of commodities that work jointly to build a holistic affiliate marketing solution, with custom reports and analysis supporting the achievement of many affiliates, publishers, and agencies that utilize the platform.

Automation saves time:- The widespread issue with reporting is the resources, methods, and time it seizes to obtain significant data and then later analyze it. Vellko formulated the custom reporting method with time efficiency. The advertisers, agencies & publishers can effortlessly take out and analyze data without wanting any other mechanisms or external aids. With the user-friendly interface and exceptional reporting capacities, they have readied their users with everything they require to establish significant, elegant reports.

Search Deeper into Data to Shape a Winning Affiliate Strategy :- For advertisers & publishers, specifying what functions and what doesn’t, can often be hard and expensive. Data reports enable both to remain on top of their technique in real-time, meaning their clients can constantly assure they have their finger on the pulse. With unmatched metrics tailored to their requirements, they deliver every mechanism expected to strategize and design a profitable affiliate program. Performance-based marketing is thriving well due to the analysis of data obtained.

● Assess Success Your Way :- Veliko understands that every company is unique, so they have made sure their platform is modified to fit the requirements of everyone, and reporting is no exception. Customize, arrange, and export data that you can relate to in a way that makes the point for you and your business.

● Stimulate Team Productivity :- Whether a squad of two or a fully-fledged team committed to performance marketing, it can occasionally be boring and challenging to maintain everyone on the same page. Affiliates and advertisers can automate, plan and send reports to all team units implying everyone has entry to the business’s curated data.

● Swivel Marketing Efforts :- Being agile is incredibly significant for companies striving to keep up with a fast-paced initiative, so having on-demand access, important data that navigate business determinations is a must. Drive Digital indicated how simple the custom reports are to create and organize to assure client achievement. The reporting and analysis is a crucial basis of decision-making, as it catches any piece of data essential for interpreting the successive steps of your marketing endeavors. Relying on the requirements of a company, Vellko's reports and analysis are the bread and butter of exemplifying any budget allotment to stakeholders, giving companies the liberty and mechanisms to construct a strong business case in a way that fits them

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