Sophia Taylor
by on September 23, 2021
Wi-Fi in the office is convenient, but not always secure Office Wi-Fi can be a weak point in your security system. Almost every office has its own Guest wifi solutions, and sometimes there is more than one. In the modern world, it is difficult to do without wireless Internet: few people want to connect laptops using a cable, and with smartphones and tablets this is often completely impossible. However, a wireless network can be a weak point in your IT infrastructure.
Password Guessing
Not all companies come up with a complex and unique password for their wireless network. Disable the broadcast of the network name – and even less. And only those who limit the signal power in order to exclude the possibility of connecting to the network from the outside are generally few. Thus, nothing prevents an attacker from locating near the office and trying to penetrate the corporate network via Enterprise wifi solutions. After all, it can take only a few seconds to brute force simple passwords. Hacking complex combinations will take more time, but if you do not change your password for a long time, then the attacker has nowhere to rush. However, this is not always necessary – in the case of some routers, an attacker can also take advantage of “holes” in the firmware.
Enterprise WiFi Solution
Vulnerabilities are constantly discovered in network equipment that allow attackers to attack the network bypassing passwords and other protective mechanisms of your Wifi6 wireless solutions router. In some cases, thanks to this, they can obtain superuser rights on the device and then dispose of them at their discretion. Patches for such vulnerabilities are released regularly enough. The only trouble is that many organizations are in no hurry to install them in a timely manner.
Office WiFi Solutions
Many companies use different Outdoor wifi solutions networks for employees and guests. This is a reasonable measure: on the one hand, clients and other visitors to the office can connect to the Internet, on the other hand, they will not have access to the corporate network and internal resources of the company. However, guest Wi-Fi can also work against you.
Getting a password for a guest Wi-Fi is easy enough – that’s his idea. At the same time, in some cases – with incorrect configuration of network policies – through the guest network, you can get access to individual elements of the corporate infrastructure. For example, attackers can often get to printers in this way.
Even with proper configuration of guest Wi-Fi, your employees can unwittingly put you in jeopardy. Let’s say one of them wanted to go to a site that is denied access by corporate policies. Without thinking twice, he connects a laptop or smartphone with work data to a visitor hotspot. If attackers connect to the network at this moment, they will be able to launch a MitM attack and infect the employee’s computer.
WiFi Vulnerabilities
How to make office Wi-Fi less vulnerable?
Ditching Wifi solution for safety reasons is like ditching your car because you risk getting into an accident. We believe it is better to be smart about organizing and configuring your network:
Update the firmware of access points: manufacturers are constantly patching existing vulnerabilities in them.
Set a unique, long, complex, and non-obvious password for Hotel wifi solution access. It will be enough for your employees to enter it once on each device, and for cybercriminals, network hacking will become much more difficult.
Limit signal strength so that your network is not available outside the office. Better to hide the name of the network altogether – this will make it harder to find. By the way, it is better to use an unobvious name too (at least without the name of the router model): otherwise, it will be easier for attackers to find a suitable vulnerability.
Office Cloud Managed WiFi
Do not give users of the guest network access to internal Cloud managed wifi solutions company resources. You may have to deny your visitors some conveniences (like the ability to print a document on your printer), but you will significantly reduce the risk of data leakage.
Use reliable Office wifi security solutions. In this case, attackers, even if they get into your network, will not be able to do significant harm to workstations and servers.
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