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by on September 25, 2021

When it comes to the furniture needs for your home or business, there has to be a distinct aura about it. In the region of southern California, the company was seeded right on top. Golden Coast Burls was established with the help of an ancestral heirloom. This was a dusty but unique one made from redwood; this has been used as a table in their grandfather’s living room. The mission of Golden Coast Burls is that no tree should be harmed to create your beautiful furniture products. The wood used is from the age-old trees, which are logged and acquired through the legal process.

The philosophy of the company

A point of concern that has been put to the backbones is that no trees were harmed in product formation. The burls would be available from a tree which has been logged a few decades back. It would be acquired through sustainable and legal practices. Most of the wood is sourced from the region of California itself.

An interesting feature is that every portion of the sales proceeds would be donated to 8 billion trees. This is a distinguished form of NPA that has currently gone on to plant trees worldwide to counter deforestation. For every tree the company is planning to use, they will plant ten more trees in the process. As part of the endeavor, every client will receive a bracelet or a certificate as a donation to the total cause.

The founder is credited with this era of transformation, as he has dedicated all efforts towards climate change. He has gone on to work in the renewable energy domain for the last few years. With the burls of the Golden coast, they possess an ability to foster their approach. The whole objective is to preserve the most precious resource, which works out to be the trees.

Our areas of specialization

Live edge furniture has a distinct aura, and there is bound to be a level of customization for every piece. If you are looking for a customized piece, you may drop in an email. From there, the company could go ahead with the process as well.

You can contact them at Santa Barbara, California; Phone – 805.636.6863 or mail them at

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