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by on October 4, 2021
If you take care of the car in the garage, the car will take care of you in the road. Cleanliness is almost everything in the car washing industry. Like cleaning a kitchen, maintaining a healthy vehicle requires discipline, perseverance, and a positive mindset because it is a never-ending battle.

Can you wash your car too often?

If you’re worried about constant washing affecting the state of your car, there’s no need to stress. It turns out you probably don't wash often enough to cause damage. However, striking your car with sponges, brushes, chemicals and more on a too common basis will do its effect. We all love a beautifully clean car, but gradual washing wears your clear coat, which is the last layer of protection on the exterior of your car.

When should you wash your car?

It depends on where you live, whether it's outside or inside, the kind of road you encounter while driving, and the colour of your vehicle. If you live near saltwater, you will need to have your vehicle washed approximately every ten days, no more than two weeks. Salt and sand may destroy the protective layer if it is not removed.
In places that are windy and dusty, wash as needed.
In areas prone to hailstorm, wash after a storm to check for damage caused by a hailstorm.
If you drive in mud, sand, stones, tar, wash as soon as you are able and again use the ability to inspect for dents or damage.
If your car is in a garage at home or work, you won’t have to wash it as much if it is constantly exposed to the elements. Of course, dark finishes must be washed more often than white or neutral colours. If you had your car wrapped, check with the company to see if there are special instructions.
A simple trick is - if your windows are dirty, it’s time to wash your car.

What are the best car wash methods as recommended by experts?

Cleaning not only improves the car’s aesthetics, but also helps the car to live longer. Let’s look at the steps to wash a car.

Use paint-friendly car wash agents
Do not use household cleaning products such as hand soap, dish detergent or glass cleaner on paint. These are not formulated for use on car paint and can remove the protective wax. Use a specific car wash product, which is softer and specially designed for car paint. Apply the foam with a large, soft natural sponge or a wool glove.

Wipe the car uniformly to avoid streaking
Look for the best kind of washing solution for your car. Ask an expert for assistance in finding the best car wash solution. If you're not sure what the best fabric to wash a car is, opt for microfiber cloths because they tend to be super soft and absorbent. If you prefer to use a sponge, then don't settle for something generic; there is a chance that using anything except a car-specific sponge will cause scratches to the paint.

Clean the car in little sections
If you don't have a jet/pressure washer, use two buckets: one with a shampoo solution and the other with clean rinse water. Immerse your glove in the rinse bucket, before doing the same in the shampoo solution. Working from the top of the vehicle to the bottom, clean the car in small sections, rinsing the mitt regularly in the rinse bucket before dunking it in the shampoo solution. Repeat this cleaning process till the entire car is cleaned.

Carpets are important
Carpets can be difficult to clean because dirt and grease on the bottom of your shoes are followed and scrubbed. Often, people make the mistake of using aggressive chemicals to try to eliminate those stains, or not taking the time to rinse their soap. This, in turn, can damage the carpet, and cause the inside to draw more dirt and dust. Cleaning carpets is a long process, and to do it well, you should take the time to wash, rinse and dry them properly.

Rinse, wax & polish
Using your pipe, rinse the car as you did in stage1. Now, here's a quick tip from the professionals; don't spend time drying your car. Instead, leave it wet and with a damp wax, spray the car before polishing it to a shine. Not only will this add a layer of protection and shine to your car, but it will also make subsequent washes a lot easier.

Cleaning the wheels up
Now to your wheels. To get rid of this persistent black brake dust, it is worth investing in an appropriate wheel cleaning solution. It can be sprayed and cleaned using a brush suitable for wheels before being rinsed off. And, if you want to add an extra touch, a wet gloss dressing will give your tires a professional look and feel.

Clean the glass and dry it
The important thing about the car wash is to clean your window properly, so it matches the rest of your car. After spraying a glass cleaner directly on a microfiber cloth, simply wipe the glass from top to bottom, from one end to the other. With a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the glass, eliminating as much moisture as possible to avoid streaks.
Now all you need to do is jump into the driver's seat, and drive with a smile on your face!

What’s the best car wash near me?

You can’t always do the car wash by yourself. Whenever your car is in need of a good scrubbing, look no further than Service My Car. All you have to do is a book a service package, and you’ll get a free car wash.
Your car’s exterior gets a neat rinse and shine, and your car’s interior gets a solid vacuuming. To make a booking, simply select your desired service package, fill in all relevant details, and you're good to go. Book now on our website or the Service My Car app.
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