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by on October 6, 2021
Does Your Child Need an English Tutor?
Telltale Signs
The biggest signal that your child needs an English tutor is trouble in school. When grades begin to dip, and children seem unhappy with class, it’s time to take a closer look at the problem. Often, children who are struggling find excuses to avoid homework or going to school because their confidence is waning as they fall behind.
Your child’s teacher may communicate that there is a change in behavior. This can range from disruptive outbursts to becoming more introverted. They may seem lazy, but laziness is typically the result of a deeper issue. They may also refuse to participate in reading out loud or group activities. In English class, reading and writing go hand in hand. Your child may feel that their reading skills are slower than the other students and will be shy about reading aloud. They may also struggle with comprehension, leading to frustration when taking a test or writing about the passage they just read. That is where an English Reading and Writing tutor can step in and help students break down the material for better understanding.
Hiring a Tutor
Tutors help children catch up and regain their footing. They will use their coursework from school and supplemental lessons to narrow down problem areas and bring children up to where they should be. Because tutors work one on one, they will design a plan specific to your child’s personal needs and will target trouble spots, moving at a pace that suits them. They will also provide tools necessary to tackle material based on their learning style and to keep their grades up for the year.
As your child begins to see progress and that the lessons don’t feel as daunting as they once were their confidence increases. They will have new ways to approach homework and class time, which makes them feel up to speed with the material and their peers.
If your child needs an English tutor or Reading and Writing Tutor MindsAhead Academy is New Jersey’s premier tutoring center, helping students achieve success in a variety of subject areas. Their math, science, reading, and English tutors provide the tools and skills for children of all ages to succeed in academics while building confidence to become well-rounded people. Other programs include BrainOBrain, which develops the brain and social skills for ages five to 14, and their MindsBee summer program that blends creativity with exciting areas such as robotics. This year-round tutoring and learning center is dedicated to providing the guidance and knowledge necessary to help students flourish. They offer several different programs, including online tutoring programs for kids, so your teen can strengthen their skills in specific fields. Call 201–270–8684 to learn more about their programs. For more call (201) 270–8684 or visit them online.
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