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No one can deny a fact that both MAC and PC have served people in the best ways with their attributes and functions. Both have their customers in growing numbers in every coming year. But the Mac versus PC debate is been going for a long time as it is necessary to enhance your knowledge about Mac and PC to find on what you can work best. The best way is to buy considering your requirement rather than regretting the decision. In this article, there is a small debate on Mac versus Pc and what are its pros and cons. The customers must get Mac or PC according to their personal preference that what is their liking or which window is necessary for the system.

So, below the debate starts with the pros and cons of Mac v/s PC according to the preference of the customers. 

Operating System 

The advantages and disadvantages of these two main computer systems start from the usage of their operating system. Operating systems X and Microsoft Windows work differently, so it is dependent on what the customer wants and what to do. It is necessary to know which might be better than the other, and which operating system is comfortable for the people.  


The security vulnerabilities of Mac are few as compared to PC. The virus count is also less in Mac than PC. Hacking is not an easy task in Mac as the operating system of Mac sends a notification when there is any new update. Mac provides a stay safe notification if any kind of hacking attempt is identified. PCs have a chance of being hacked and the customers need to choose software to ensure the security of the system. 


Macs are highly costly as compared to PC because of their high-quality components that pc could not beat. In addition, Macs are well built-in comparison to PC and this becomes the main reason for people buying Macs more than PCs from the elite class. But, people with a fixed budget try to buy PCs because they are not expensive. PCs are cheaper with the customization of different computer components. The accessories of PCs are also not expensive. 


There are ample companies who desire to make computer games for Macs but fail to do so because of the PCs success. It derives on a point that the gaming experience on PC is much better than on Mac. Having 90% of the market share, Windows are the choice of developers to make games, especially for PCs. It is also easy to customize a PC rather than a Mac leading to more chances of running a computer game. 

Cost of Repair  

Apple always tries to make Mac very compact as well as sleek to make repairing better. It is good when we look at Apple’s perspectives that the repairing cost is higher. This is because the replacement of more than one part has to be done. In PCs, the repairing can be easy by removing its side panel that becomes a very easy job. The repairing parts of Mac are costly as compared to PCs and laid a huge burden on your pockets. 


When you try to decide between Mac and PC, it is also necessary to consider the other devices you have such as mobiles, tablets, television, gaming consoles, or other computers. This is because there is a mix of operating systems for both Mac and PC. Apple products are designed in a way that they work together, and Android products work together. You can use play station and Xbox with Android products. It is to be noticed because people do not like doing extra work to connect with different devices to talk to each other.  

So, this is all about the Mac versus PC debate where people must choose between hardware and operating system of both Mac and PC as per their convenience. You can also choose to get advice from one of the best computer repair online support to get the correct computer for yourself. Each of them works in the best way and performs things better, but one thing that matters is getting answers to two essential questions.  

What are the features that are necessary to you?  Which operating system is more important to you?   Therefore, whatever you choose, enjoy working on it. 
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