By: on August 6, 2021
My wife lost her hearing four years back. It was tough on both of us. You live with someone for years and suddenly when they lose something that is such an important part of their life, it really affects the both of you. I wanted to help her at the time in this new struggle and I still remember the free hearing test in Sydney. The hearing aid fitting in Sydney and how it all started ...
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By: on June 2, 2021
Have you checked out the Bernafon hearing aids yet? When someone experiences a hearing loss, it is not just one of their five senses that are affected but their world and everything in it. The quest to crystal clear hearing should not be a tough one. This is where assistive hearing devices in Sydney come in. ...
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By: on January 21, 2021
According to research, it is estimated that one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 have hearing loss. This statistic points to the larger problem that exists in the medical world - hearing loss is a major issue that is rampant as old-age takes over. With the market being flooded with choices and brands of hearing aids, it is not uncommon that one is perplexed as to which hearing aid machine would be the perfect fit. In such a situation, a suggestion would be to analyze the differe...
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