By: on July 2, 2021
What is a Medical Answering Service? A majority of customers end a phone call before leaving a message on a business answering machine. As a result, many calls are missed after hours. A medical answering service is an answering service that answers calls, takes messages, and makes appointments 24/7 when a medical office is closed for the evening or short-staffed. With a medical answering service, highly trained HIPAA compliant live agents are there to fill in for your staff 24/7. This enable...
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By: on June 29, 2021
The job of a medical practitioner is a very busy and important job, and practitioners must be available 24/7 to take care of patients. But it’s not humanly possible to be available around the clock for calls from patients. This is why an alternative is necessary to serve patients around the clock when they have urgent medical queries. Hiring additional employees or paying existing employees to stay after hours is very costly and not very effective, because a limited number of employees can not a...
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