By: on March 24, 2022
Setting up a business is one of the most difficult jobs, but attracting potential customers is the most imperative and toughest job to perform. Most of the companies fail to do so, and fade away from the market. There are many ways to attract your potential customers for a geographical reason such as advertising through banners, posters, campaigns, telemarketing. However, telemarketing has proven to be the best way among all other methods to connect with people and convey them your agenda of bus...
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By: on March 16, 2021
Telemarketing is that the method of marketing product or services over the telephone. Telemarketers should abide by any native, regional, or national rules. In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission’s promoting Sales Rule “requires that Telemarketers produce specific disclosures of cloth information; prohibits misrepresentations; sets limits on the times telemarketers may call clients; prohibits calls to a consumer who has asked to not be known as again; and sets payment restrictions for the sal...
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By: on September 19, 2019
Health is the most important thing. If you can ensure good health for yourself or for your near and dear ones, you are actually doing one of the best things of your life. Not only aged people who are about to reach the age of 60 but health insurance is also required for young people as well. Telemarketers do call for supplying you with fresh Medicare leads. However, before giving the final word to them you must analyze few factors. Why should you buy exclusive Medicare supplement leads? Read o...
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