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It is also a traditional oriental refreshing massage of Japanese origin known in our country. It was originally used to enhance the physical and mental performance of martial artists. The aim of the therapy is to re-symmetricize the asymmetric and, therefore, dysharmonic human body, thus activating the self-healing powers and preventing illnesses and promoting the healing of established disorders. If the body is symmetrical, the muscles are relaxed and energy blocks can be prevented. It is made ...
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By: on October 23, 2019
Classic massage is the application of all massage techniques in the whole body in turn. Massage is applied intensively to shoulder and back. The solution obtained with the mixture of special massage oils prepared in Wellness Spa section is applied to the whole body. It is a massage method which is applied by relieving dead skin from relaxing skin without applying excessive pressure. Muscle spasms and edema are distributed during classical massage. Classical massage, which is the starting point o...
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By: on October 11, 2019
Summary of Balinese Massage in Lajpat Nagar The Balinese Massage comes from the exotic island of Bali, one of the 17,508 that make up the Indonesian archipelago. For thousands of years this island was a stopping point for ships traveling from India, China and Thailand, so Balinese massage drinks from various sources and traditions from Hindu medicine and Ayurvedic texts, to different techniques and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Balinese Massage therefore combines n...
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By: on October 5, 2019
Traditional Thai Massage is a technique of physical work very different from the western forms of work: It not only consists of kneading the muscles and mobilization of the joints, but also works on lines called Sen. These lines run throughout the body transporting energy through the body, allowing its correct distribution. When pressed on them, the correct flow of internal energy is stimulated. This affects the organs and glands indirectly while allowing the elimination of toxins from different...
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By: on October 1, 2019
Among all types of massage, one of the most interesting procedures is stone therapy. It is performed using hot stones. The use of this material promotes muscle relaxation. But not only stones are necessary for a full-fledged massage procedure. The fact that hot stones, if used correctly, are able to turn on the mechanism of healing the body, the Indians of Central America knew. Since ancient times, this method has been used to treat various ailments in the East: in China, Japan, Tibet. Cur...
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