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Path Edits
Overall, the article is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their product photos. https://pathedits.com/blogs/tips/from-flat-to-fab-how-to-use-multiple-types-of-edits-to-b... View More
Clipping Genius
I will high end jewelry retouch, touch up, jewelry retouching high quality I am a professional and dedicated Jewelry image editor and photoshop expert. I have 4+ more experience in jewelry retouching... View More
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Path Edits
Here's a great lesson on how to select the best color for your product background. And if you need to change up your background, we're here. 🎨 Color us ready to edit! https://pathedits.com/blogs/tips/... View More
Isabel Dose
A tiny Photoshop work by me! #fotomasking #colorchange # photoshopmulticolor
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