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8 REASONS ONLINE INVOICING BEATS PAPER Creating invoices is probably one of the most boring activities to undergo as a business. However, it is a core part of a business that you cannot ignore. With ... View More
Jim Smith
Data governance is critical to delivering value through analytics, #digitalization, and other #transformational opportunities. Let’s look at data governance and how you can implement a #DataGovernance... View More
Way2Smile Solutions - UAE
Being a part of the digital wave is mandatory for businesses to scale up in the 21st century. Digitalization helps businesses be customer-centric and develops a model that puts the customer at the cen... View More
Way2Smile Solutions - UAE
Though we have adapted to the new normal, the new "Omicron" variant is proving to be a variant of concern. It's time we learn from our past experiences with the virus to stay on our toes! Many busine... View More
As the #Covid-19 pandemic showed in an unendurable way the importance and urgency of #digitalization. #IT companies are moving away from the traditional model of getting services to outsourcing servic... View More
Top 5 Ways AI Can Empower and Transform Your Online Business #Ai #Business #onlinebusiness #digitaltransformation #digitization #digitalization
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Whatsapp is one of the leading instant messaging apps and social media platforms that are used by a massive number of users. This app is always in limelight because of its new and unique features. Rec... View More
Digitization and digitalization, we have heard these terms for a long time and use them on regular basis. An investigation performed to find out the differences. As the publicity around the digital tr... View More
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