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A unique combination of relaxing natural herbs and oils called Herbal Headache Relief Balm was created for rapid relief from headaches and anxiety. Its anti-inflammatory effects reduce the throbbing p... View More
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Ayurvedic Products
BIOAYURVEDA’s Headache Fast Relief Balm is the most appreciated among all, delivers quick relief in case of headache and anxiety. It releases muscular and nervous tension and relieves throbbing pain a... View More
Ayurvedic Products
BIOAYURVEDA headache pain relief balm is an ointment to relieve the discomfort and pain caused by headaches. --------------------------------- Types of Headaches There are over 100 types of headaches,... View More
Ayurvedic Products
Headache has really been the most common and frequent condition that all of us face some of the other times. Today’s stressful life causes anxiety and is affecting almost half of the adult population.... View More
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