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Đỗ Minh Đường
Mất ngủ thiếu vitamin gì? Theo các chuyên gia, khi cơ thể bị thiếu hụt vitamin có thể gây ra nhiều vấn đề sức khỏe. Từ đó làm giấc ngủ cũng không được trọn vẹn, bạn có thể trằn trọc cả đêm, tỉnh giấc ... View More
विटामीन ई कैप्सूल चेहरे पर कैसे लगाएं [7 जबरदस्त तरीके ] https://priyashopweb.com/vitamin-e-capsule-chehre-par-kaise-lagaye/ ... View More
National Nutrition
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) WHAT IS RIBOFLAVIN? Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, was the second vitamin to be isolated and the first to be extracted from the B complex of vitamins. It is a water-so... View More
Enas Wellness
#營養補充品 #維生素C #免疫力 #體檢服務 #抗壞血酸 維生素 C 主要維持體內免疫力水平,尤其對抗細菌、病毒感染,以及預防癌症等,亦有美顏、美白及促進膠原蛋白生成的功效。一旦缺 乏維生素 C,輕微碰撞亦會令身體容易出現瘀傷。輕則會導致牙齦紅腫或出血,嚴重會流鼻血和增加病菌感染風險。 https://enaswellness.com/products/immune-c-%E9%86%AB%... View More
Avinash Mittal
Avinash Mittal
Avinash Mittal
Health Aid
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 1000µg Tablets #Vitamin #B12 is important for good mental and physical health. It is one of the largest and most complicated #vitamins that is only produced by certain pr... View More
Dr vikram chauhan
Brahmi #Chyawanprash is an #Ayurvedic #supplement made with various pure and natural herbal extracts and #minerals and rich in #Vitamin C. The use of it helps in avoiding many diseases through its imm... View More
Health Aid
Do We Need Vitamin & Mineral Supplements? Vitamin A is so abundant in many different popular foods that it is not difficult to overdose it and induce toxicity if a rich in this vitamin diet is combine... View More
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