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Safeguarding Your Kitchen Against Foodborne Pathogens Protect your kitchen kingdom! Learn the strategies to defend against foodborne pathogens and ensure every meal is a masterpiece. Enroll now to fo... View More
https://www.pfionline.com/india-celebrates-60-years-of-codex/ *India Celebrates 60 Years of Codex* This year Codex marks its 60th anniversary and to commemorate this milestone, a collection of interna... View More
Good Manufacturing Practices in Food Industry Food safety is an issue of great interest to everybody in the food trade. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) comprise the basic, universal steps that con... View More
Zace kart
It is very important to eat the right food because food that is not fit for consumption can make us seriously ill. Wishing a very Happy World Food Safety Day to all. #foodsafetyday #foodsafety #foods... View More
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FSSAI Launched a Mobile App ‘Food Safety Connect’ FSSAI enables Ease of Doing Business with Food Safety Connect Mobile Application. This mobile interface will facilitate food businesses to apply for F... View More
Quality and Food Safety Standards for Indian Pickles/Achaar The traditional Indian Pickles are becoming popular world over. To have these products accepted, the food processors must establish product ... View More
An amalgamation of IoT and Big Data Analytics technologies are coming to rescue food safety and security. https://buff.ly/39w1UBd #BigDataTechnology #DigitalTransformation #FoodSafety #BigDataAnalytic... View More
URS India
URS India Celebrating First Ever World Food Safety Day http://www.ursindia.com/iso_22000.aspx #foodsafety #worldfoodsafetyday #FSMS #haccp #7thjune2019
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