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by on November 23, 2021
They say love can transform everyone from inside out, and sometimes it just happens negatively. The same can be witnessed in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin in the character portrayed as Patralekha. Being devoted to her prior love, she's seen all head over heels on Virat in the TV show. She can be demonstrated as the antagonist in the show who does everything negatively to achieve her love. After all, everything is fair in war and love, does it not? And that's possibly the reason behind her anger, hatred, and agony toward Sai, her prior love's current wife. Learn more from GHKKPM Written Update.

The Sheer Connection Between Sai And Patralekha

The fact that Sai and Patralekha share the same emotional dilemma cannot get undermined. And it's justifiable to state that Patralekha's emotional journey of trusting her ex-boyfriend and marrying his brother somewhat coincides with the state of being that Sai experiences when she enters the Chavan's house as a newly wedded bride. While their journeys are somewhat like two sides of a coin, little do they connect to each other in the show! That gives rise to the dramatic connection between these two characters.

They share the same feeling of dejection; while one gets dejected by her former love of the life the other gets dejected by life itself as it takes away her father and leaves her nowhere. But this dejection has not made them come close. Instead, it created a relation of fire and ice between the two. And as Sai gets everything that Patralekha ever desired, the internal hatred just grows more. Although they don't share a healthy connection but they are under the same emotional turmoil. Learn more from GHKKPM Written Update.

Can Virat Ever Get Accused Of Such A Relationship The Two Female Characters Share?

Partially, no. When Virat had an emotional connection with Pakhi (Patralekha), he was true back then. Similarly after taking all responsibilities of Sai, he not only grew his commitment but also showered Sai with all his love. The only mistake that Virat apparently made was to ask Pakhi to get married to his brother because he was bound of his professional responsibilities of saving the country as an IPS officer. But when later on Sai's father (the senior officer while dying) asked him for this sacrifice of marrying Sai & take her responsibilities; he couldn't say a NO!

But he is a blue blood, and thus he manages to bring happiness in his life with Sai (although Sai denies it sometimes but she also feels the same attachment with him). On the contrary, Patralekha's immense devotion towards her former love doesn't help her come out of her past. Thus, she is confined in her past, thereby failing to accept her present life with Samrat (her husband). It's her extreme dedication towards Virat that restricts her to live a happy life in the present. And that's the reason why audience witnesses an unhealthy relationship between her and Sai. So, blaming Virat for it would be a wrong choice.
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