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by on December 2, 2021

Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially unexpected gifts! A small free giveaway of a promotional product can help you grow your business. Promotional products are items imprinted with a business’s name, logo, or message and designed to increase brand awareness. Promotional products are an excellent marketing tool. When used strategically, promotional products can increase leads, generate sales, improve customer loyalty, and raise brand awareness. There are numerous benefits to boosting your business with promotional products!

A creative and versatile marketing tool

While business cards will always be useful to exchange information, promotional products are an excellent and tangible marketing tool for your business. With a wide range of products, businesses can creatively demonstrate how they stand out from the pack.

Pad printing, sublimation printing, and heat transfer press machines make it easy to adapt your business’s logo and brand onto nearly any product. With today’s modern printing innovations and creative branding strategies, businesses can flex their strengths in a versatile way.

A budget-friendly way of marketing

Running a business is an expensive endeavor, and effective advertising campaigns can be one of the larger financial burdens of owning a business. The costs of advertising through commercials and radio advertisements are truly astronomical. Using promotional products can be a relatively more cost-effective form of advertising. Most manufacturers keep the prices of promotional products low for greater distribution.

Some of the more inexpensive promotional products to manufacture are novelty pens, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, bags, and stress balls.

To maximize the effectiveness of your promotional product, be smart with your business strategy: Have a plan. Know your audience. Deliver a thoughtfully designed, high-quality product that consumers will engage with. Have a call to action. And consider a follow-up strategy. Using promotional products in conjunction with other methods of promoting your business will maximize your advertising efforts.

Instant brand recognition and greater exposure of your business

Marketers often give away promotional products that are items that people use daily: pens, lip balms, tote bags, mousepads, water bottles, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and more. The daily use of these items will help customers become familiarized with the business and lead to instant brand recognition with your business.

According to a study done by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), nearly 76.2 percent of consumers who received promotional products in the past two years were able to remember the product, company, and message associated with the promotional item.

Branded giveaways and other promotional products, when given as an incentive or gift, help consumers to have a more favorable view of your business. When consumers can easily identify your business, they will be much more likely to engage with your products or services.

Increases Sales

When businesses use promotional products, sales increase. According to a study by PPAI, nearly 52% of respondents do business with a business after receiving a promotional product. Using promotional objects as part of your marketing strategy inspires consumers to reach out to you.

Promotes customer loyalty

Consumers will remember the high-quality cotton T-shirts, the versatile and fun sunglasses, and the 100% post-consumer recycled fabric tote bags. When you put care into the items you choose to use as promotional products, customers will take notice!

Using thoughtfully designed and high-quality promotional products will help your business strategy. People will come to associate the exceptional design and quality of your product with the quality of your business practices. This strategic use will help you to build a solid foundation with your consumers and promote customer loyalty.

Consumers have become used to ignoring most advertising. Streaming services make it far too easy to skip through commercials. Ad blocking apps have been an issue for marketers. Having a tangible product that consumers can physically engage with has a much greater impact than television commercials and radio spots. Your business’s promotional products can serve as a powerful marketing tool that can increase leads, generate sales, improve customer loyalty, and raise brand awareness.

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