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Tyres work as the main point of contact between the vehicle and the road. They should be kept in a good state on all occasions to get enhanced braking, impressive safety, and a pleasant driving experience. The tyres that you install on your car will determine its performance and safety capabilities. There are multiple factors to keep in mind that affect the performance of your vehicle. Also, you can even consider the style of driving, funds available and the country in which you live. 

Which Bridgestone Tyres Burton on Trent should you buy for your vehicle?

Car manufacturers provide the required aspect ratio, height and width of tyres that are allowed for your wheels. There are various criteria to consider to ensure you get the right tyre for your vehicle. The tyre that you buy should help in handling, fuel consumption or facing different weather conditions. 

The most common tyres bought are summer, winter and all-season tyres. Summers tyres perform well in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Winter tyres are perfect for temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. Moreover, all-season tyres combine certain features of both the tyres and deliver reliable year-long performance. Installing the right time based on the season can ensure tyre longevity, reduce fuel consumption and enhance safety. Other tyre segments by Bridgestone include 4x4 tyres for SUVs, performance tyres for sports cars and run-flat Car Tyres Burton on Trent .

Before getting new tyres to inspect the following criteria

  • You get a tyre that is compatible with your wheels and match the manufacturer's documentation. 

  • Check the width, diameter and height of the tyre

  • Noise generated from the tyre when driving

  • Rolling resistance of the tyre that you purchase to determine its fuel efficiency. 

  • Wet grip is another factor considered by car owners who drive frequently on wet roads or surfaces. 

Furthermore, an alphanumeric code, also called tyre code, is marked on the sidewall to make things easier. The code helps in making prompt, and correct selections from a wide range of products. Below you can explore the different signs mentioned on the tyre code:

On a tyre London with marking "195/70 R16 82H"

  • 195: 195 indicates the width of the particular tyre measured in millimetres from one sidewall to another. Commonly, the width of a specific tyre can vary anywhere between 125 mm to 335mm. Moreover, the most frequently bought tyre sizes include 180mm, 195mm and 205mm. 

  • 70: This two or three-digit number symbolises the aspect ratio of a particular tyre. The aspect ratio is measured based on the percentage width in respect to the height. In the example above, the height is 70% about the width of the tyre. Also, if the aspect ratio mentioned on the tyre is more, then the sidewalls will also be much higher.

  • R: This letter R signifies radial construction. It is a form of construction markings used to mention the build. Other kinds of tyre marking are "B" for bias belts and "D" for diagonal construction.

  • 16: The two-digit number after the construction reveals the rim diameter in inches. 

  • 82: The two or three-digit numbers after the diameter indicates the load index of the specific tyre. Also called maximum carrying capacity, the load index tells how much weight the particular tyre can carry at the highest allowed speed limit. In the example above, the tyre has a load index of 82, meaning it can carry weights of 475kg.

  • H: Finally, the last letter after the load index shows the speed index. Also called the maximum permissible, the speed index should always be equal to or close to the top speed of your car. 

Other Tyre Markings Include

  • SSR: This marking is for run-flat tyres.

  • M+S: This marking indicates MUD + Snow. 

  • DOT code: Information about when and where a tyre was manufactured. 

  • 30/2021: The last digits indicate the week, along with the year of manufacture.

Contact an experienced tyre centre if you are still unsure about Tyres Burton on Trent or require further information. Also, ensure you check the markings and labelling before selecting the car tyre. 

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