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Windshields are an essential part of your car’s safety. They are also susceptible to damage from the sun, snow, ice, and other weather elements. If you notice cracks in your windshield, or have noticed that they've changed shape in the past few months, here's what you need to do.

What is the windshield of a car?

Automobiles have windshields, which are usually made of plastic. They act to protect the driver and passengers from both outside airborne particles and outside fluids that may enter any area above the driver's seat.

Types of windshield cracks


There are many windshield cracks, but the most common are sub-lateral, transverse, longitudinal, diagonal lines, spider webbing/crashing sectioning and long cracks. Long cracks typically run parallel to the outer edges on either side of the glass panel. Spider webbing cracks appear as spider web-like lines or spots on the windshield and intersect one another in a multiple direction. For details resources concerning windshield fixing, have a look at Seattle Street Car.

Causes of Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracking is because of intense physical pressure exerted on the glass. Excessive rattling, vibration, and extreme temperature changes are major causes of windshield cracks. Nails contribute to damage caused by this type of cracking through developing tiny cracks, which allows water and other contaminants through. This can lead to complete visibility loss if not rectified in time before irreparable damage occurs.

Why should I fix a cracked car windshield?

Cracked windshields pose a safety risk for drivers and passengers in various ways. It can distract, impairing driver vision and in extreme cases posing a significant distraction that could lead to a crash. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in traffic crashes, cracked it has shown windshields to increase the number of people killed when compared to cars with intact glass from 2 to 10%. Here fixing a cracked car windshield is the most desirable choice since it offers several benefits that makes the windshield crack repair process superior to other alternatives.

Benefits of repairing your cracked car windshield:


Windshield glass repairs give comprehensive protection and security for all occupants in any vehicle, making them safer than these would be otherwise. This means you don't need to worry about getting injured while driving and you can go on with business as usual without worrying about weather or road debris hitting the windshield. This is a vital benefit that makes all repairs to vehicle windshields worthwhile, not just the cracks!

Fixing your cracked car windshield leaves nothing but glorious memories in terms of aesthetics and providing additional protection for you and your passenger. No one would want to drive around with a damaged glass after all it will still be visible even when tinted while repairing does away with this problem entirely without compromising on safety features. An intact glass provides better optical clarity, so the visibility is definitely a big thing that should be taken into account while deciding which option to go for.

Repairing your car windshields offers better performance and safety as well all cracks have been proven time and again to affect vehicle chassis, transmission system, steering mechanism, etc. This means you'd need an inspection from a professional before proceeding with any work on this type of make or model of vehicle since it could lead to damage or breakage of parts that could compromise safety features.

How long will the repair take to complete?

It depends on the severity of the crack, if it is especially shallow and easy to fix then repairing your glass might require only one visit by your mechanic.


If you've recently experienced a cracked windshield, it's important to know how to fix it. We recommend you contact your local auto glass shop for help, but if you can't afford that, here are some tips on how to fix the crack yourself.

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