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by on December 8, 2021

Commercial computers have found a home in a variety of settings, including workplaces, restaurants, and other commercial enterprises. Standard computers, on the other hand, are woefully inadequate in the medical setting. The hygienic requirements for a conventional computer are less stringent than those for a medical computer, because they are rarely used in a sterile setting. Designers manufacture medical computers expressly for use in hospitals, with cleanliness and performance always being taken into consideration during the development process.

How Medical Computers Make Hospitals Run More Efficiently:

The majority of computers are equipped with a fan-based cooling system. When this fan is running, air is constantly circulated around the computer, keeping its fragile components cold enough to function properly. As a result, dust quickly accumulates on computers, which is a negative side effect. This dust can shorten the lifespan of a computer if it is not maintained properly. Even worse, this dust accumulation is a health hazard since it can host infections. To keep medical computers from overheating, they are equipped with a fanless cooling system. A passive cooling system is used to remove the heat generated by a medical computer, such as our unique medical grade tablet. As a result, it does not have a large fan that could allow dust to accumulate. Our tablet is ideal for usage in environments where dust can cause significant harm to equipment.

The Use of Antimicrobial Enclosures to Improve Sanitation.

Standard computers are also missing one important element that can aid in the cleanliness of hospitals: an antibacterial casing. Medical Tablets with antimicrobial enclosures can aid in the promotion of a healthier work environment for your employees. These computers have an antimicrobial coating applied to their surfaces, which helps to prevent the spread of hazardous bacteria over the computer's surfaces. Not only are medical computers antimicrobial, but they can also withstand the effects of rain and snow. Our tablets are equipped with a touchscreen that is IP-rated for water resistance. In addition to being washable with ordinary cleaning agents, the front panel of our tablet has an IP65 rating. Medical computers are designed to be clean and to foster a safer environment in the hospital by including an antibacterial casing as well as water resistance.

Medical Computers Deliver Unparalleled Performance.

One of the most difficult aspects of utilizing conventional PCs is the lack of power they provide. Small business computers are in short supply in a number of areas. Their CPUs are capable of running simple office programs, but they are not capable of much else. Their storage may be based on a solid-state drive (SSD), but it is more than likely based on a slower disk-based hard disk drive (HDD). The lack of sufficient RAM prevents them from performing multitasking successfully on their computers. Medical computers are intended to reduce the symptoms of various conditions. Our specialized medical tablet is equipped with a powerful Intel processor that is capable of running the medical programs that your doctors rely on every day. It makes use of a solid-state drive (SSD), which may operate up to 35 times faster than standard hard disk drives. Our tablet can accommodate up to 32 GB of RAM, which allows your doctors to run many apps at the same time. Our tablet will be able to provide service to your employees today and tomorrow thanks to these high-performance components.

Customize Tablet : A Reliable and Trusted Source

The Customize Tablet medical computers are unrivaled when it comes to providing your hospital with the most up-to-date technological equipment. Their superior hygiene characteristics, combined with their lightning-fast components, make them the ideal solution for any hospital. For further information, please contact our sales department right away.

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