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AppStudio is one of the top-level mobile game development company in the Canada, USA and Australia, offering mobile game development services to clients. We have expertise in developing games across all genres for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. We employ Unity, Cocos2D, PlayCanvas, Cocos-JS, Pixi.Js and a variety of other top-of-the-line tools to design the most enjoyable gaming and experience for the mobile devices.

Unreal Engine Game Development

We creates games in every genre, along with other sophisticated solutions for businesses that utilize their Unreal gaming engine. We design it all with Unreal that includes everything from high-fidelity 3D game to simulations for industrial use. We design for all platforms that the game engine can support including Android to iOS to VR and AR platforms.

Unity Game Development

AppStudio is one of the leading Unity game development company in Canada, with a team of certified Unity programmers. Our 100+ cross-discipline team creates games for Mobile, Web, PC, Consoles, AR, and VR, using Unity. We've created games for businesses, enterprises as well as individuals across the world, hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Roblox Game Development

We are working as a Roblox game development company. Roblox is the huge social gaming platform that lets you imagine creating, design, and play with others in immersive 3D worlds. Roblox is a game creation platform that lets players create their own games with its own engine Roblox Studio.

Android Game Development

AppStudio is an Android game development company in Toronto, Canada with a foothold in the USA, Australia and the Middle-east. We have created a number of 2D and 3D Android games and apps, some of which won prestigious awards and were featured on the Play Store. We have Android game developers have the experience to create games of every category, using the latest technology for development.

iOS Game Development

AppStudio is an iOS game development company in Toronto, Canada with offices in the USA, Australia, and Dubai. We design games and apps for iOS device like iPhone and iPad. We have created iOS games in a number of genres some of which have featured in the App Store 1+ million downloads.

iPhone Game Development

The iPhone is among the most well-known smartphones currently available, making it an essential gaming device. Being a well-established iPhone game development company, we've developed a variety games that are 2D and 3D games for the iPhone across a variety of genres.

iPad Game Development

The gaming experience provided by the iPad is quite different from that offered by the phone. Beyond the resolution, its excellent graphics rendering capabilities let gamers enthralled by 3D games.

Our Game Portfolio:-

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Note: We have worked with clients ranging from young startups to mature Fortune companies who are very impressed with our service offerings. Get in touch with us today, to learn how we can transform your business or idea into reality.

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