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by on January 5, 2022

Without any doubt, we all know that Facebook is one of the largest platforms which users use on social media to share their posts and also to talk and chat with their friends on Facebook.

But it could be possible that you have deleted a Facebook post but now you are not able to recover it that is why you are looking for how to recover deleted posts on Facebook. Well, this is an article which will provide you with answers to this question you just need to stay with us.

Methods to Fix the problem –

Method 1: Undelete the posts on Facebook

1. Visit the official page of Facebook which means the home page and then log in to your Facebook account using the login details of your account like your username and password to undelete your Facebook posts.

2. Now go to the notification and look for the notification you got when you deleted a post and then click on that notification.

3. After this, you will be able to find the option of undelete post on which you have to click and it’s done your post will be now back to your timeline.

Method 2: Recovering from the information

1. Again for this method also you need to go to the homepage of Facebook and then you need to login into your Facebook account.

2. Now move to the settings and privacy tab to solve the problem of how to find someone's deleted Facebook posts.

3. Click on the option of your Facebook information and then hit the view button.

4. Followed by this find the post to undelete and make a copy for the same.

5. After doing this download it and post it again or you can also recover or restore it and this will solve your question of how to recover deleted Facebook posts.

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