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We have already detailed the grading of diamond cut by GIA, which ranges from excellent to poor. GIA grades 55% diamonds as excellent, of these, 25-30% diamonds are not the preferred category of excellent diamonds. what does diamond cut mean are of opinion that one should examine diamonds before buying, despite GIA certification. 

In this article, we will cover the factors on which the cut and price of a diamond are evaluated. 

Proportions – Diamond proportion includes width, depth, and table of a diamond. It is calculated in percent by dividing table length by diamond width. A low percentage indicates that light is trapped in diamond and a large percentage indicates light escaping from the top of the diamond.  

Diamond depth percent is the height of diamond and calculated in percentage of diamond depth divided by width. A diamond with low depth percent reflects poor light and looks dark.

Diamond width is the measurement of a diamond from girdle to girdle. A length to width ratio helps in determining the shape of a diamond and how balanced it is.

Fire – Fire is the coloured light reflected through the table of a diamond. A well-cut diamond has a good dispersion of coloured light. For seeing the fire in a diamond, hold it in light and check for the abundance of fire. A diamond with a good amount of fire and brilliance indicates a right cut diamond.

Brilliance – Brilliance is the brightness of white light that is reflected by a diamond. See a diamond in light and check for the amount of light reflected. A shallow or deep cut diamond has poor brilliance. 

Symmetrical facets – Facets are the mirrors that surround the table of a diamond. The pavilion and the above and below part of griddle have facets. Ideally, there are 58 facets in a round brilliant-cut diamond. The symmetry and number of facets affect the reflection and refraction of light.

Scintillation – Scintillation is the dazzle of light when it interacts with the table of a diamond. Look for profusion sparkle in a diamond as it is more desirable. Who doesn't love glittering diamonds that blind eyes with their beautiful colour and shine?

Finishing details – Finishing details include treatment and polishing of diamond. A well-polished diamond has mirror-like facets that reflect beautiful and bright light.

Among these factors, diamond proportions, symmetrical facets, and finishing details are the major three factors that are considered most by many lab grown diamonds. These are the major factors that eventually affect other factors. Different jewellery requires different types of diamonds and it is advisable to select a diamond with excellent certification by GIA or ideal certification by AGS.

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