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Drag Clicking is a popular clicking technique among gamers. Drag clicking is a self-explanatory term. It performs exactly what the name implies: it clicks the mouse while dragging your finger across the mouse's surface.

The mouse registers numerous clicks per second instead of a single click due to the vigorous dragging.

Tap clicking or Fazer tapping are some of the other names for it. The fundamentals of drag clicking are the same regardless of the name.

You might be curious as to how to drag clicking affects your game experience. The most obvious benefit of drag clicking is that it increases CPS.

The friction between the fingers and the mouse button is employed to record more clicks per second than the usual clicks per second ratio while drag clicking.

This method then proved to be successful for gamers that play games that require a high CPS regularly. Players often employ drag clicking to get an advantage over their opponents in games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Clicker Heroes.

Learn To Drag Click In 10 Seconds

  1. The first step is to have dry fingertips, as drag clicking relies on friction to register additional clicks.
  2. After that, clean your mouse to ensure that dust particles do not obstruct your finger's drag motion across the mouse surface.
  3. Hold the mouse with a firm grip. To support the mouse, place your thumb on the left side and your ring finger on the right. The left-click button on the mouse should be pressed with your index finger, and the right-click button should be used with your middle finger.
  4. Apply an angling motion to your wrist while maintaining modest downward pressure on the mouse button. Allow enough space for your fingers to glide over the mouse button quickly. As you glide your fingertips across the mouse's surface, notice if you start to feel a slight vibration.
  5. You can go to websites that check drag clicks to make sure you're doing it correctly. The following are some of the websites where you can track your clicks:

Click Faster With Drag Clicking

Using tape to increase drag clicking is a good idea. The tape helps users grip the mouse more effectively and reduces sweat.

There are several types of tape; below is a brief description of each to assist you in selecting the right one to drag click. Keep in mind that using tape isn't required, but it can certainly assist.

Drag clicking can be done with Silicone Grip Tape, however, it is more expensive than other options. It is, nonetheless, more promising than other kinds of tapes. It has the potential to double the number of clicks each second.

There's also Razer tape. It works best with Razer mice, but it's not much different than Electric Tape in terms of boosting clicks per second. It produces reasonable outcomes.

Last but not least, there's electric tape. It is the cheapest option, but it does not function well because it is not designed specifically for a gaming mouse. It's a good choice for someone who isn't seeking spectacular outcomes and only wants to improve a little. It has the potential to boost the CPS ratio by 1.5.

Click Faster Without Drag Click

Jitter or Butterfly Clicking techniques, which do not yield as much CPS as drag clicking but certainly more than conventional clicking, can be used to click quickly without dragging.

These, too, necessitate practice. Fortunately, there are techniques to increase the CPS ratio without learning any additional clicks.

To begin with, having a healthy mouse is advantageous. A mouse that is old and out of date will not be as sensitive to click like a mouse that is used in newer conditions.

Furthermore, mice now come with software that allows users to fine-tune the mouse's sensitivity.

Second, training on various surfaces can help you improve your regular click per ratio. Even if the mouse is disconnected, users can practice finding which hand position is the least tiring.

People have had success with this type of experimentation, achieving up to 12 CPS without using any particular techniques.

Finally, there are a variety of online games that allow users to perfect their clicking skills. Users must literally click to win in these games. Realm Grinder and Plantera are two popular games for practicing clicking.

Is Drag Clicking Allowed in Games

Although drag clicking is not strictly prohibited, some Minecraft servers do so since it provides players an unfair advantage over their opponents. Mineplex and Hypixel were among these servers.

Drag Clicking is also occasionally banned by servers because it is misconstrued for clicks caused by auto clickers.

As a result, it is recommended that before employing any clicking approach, you check the server's restrictions first.

Does Drag Clicking Break My Mouse

Because drag clicking necessitates a lot of mouse-clicking, the mouse wears out faster. When a mouse is used for drag flicking on a frequent basis, its lifespan is reduced. Its switches deteriorate more quickly. In fact, poor drag clicking can cause the switch to break much sooner.

Try not to be too harsh with drag flicking to keep your mouse from wearing out sooner than it needs to. Take your time to master it, and you might be able to extend the life of your mouse with less effort than if you didn't drag click.

Final Word

Drag clicking, like any other clicking technique, has advantages and disadvantages. It's simpler to learn than Jitter and Butterfly Clicking, but it's dangerous to use on gaming servers because drag clicks are frequently mistaken for auto-clicks.

However, if done correctly, it guarantees the highest number of cps of any technique. While the ordinary player may get up to 6-7 frames per second, those who have practiced drag clicking can get up to 30 frames per second.

Ultimately, it is personal preference as well as the game a user might be playing that can help him decide what clicking technique to opt for.

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