Philipp Cox
by on April 26, 2022
The last matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers will give us a complete picture of the 32 contenders for victory. The 22nd World Cup will be held in Qatar and will be held for the first time in winter (November and December) rather than summer, given the high temperatures that will make matches almost impossible. It is also very curious to understand what impact the World Cup will have on the national championships Many things will change, such as the state of the form of various teams, sports training and adaptation to the Qatari climate.
World Cup 2022, France and Brazil are favorites to win
Everyone is chasing France, the last team to win in 2018 in Russia. The French, also the new winners of the UEFA Nations League, are also favorites to win the World Cup final. At least that's according to some of the most important bookmakers in the world.
In fact, according to top betting sites such as Rabona, Supabets and Bet1, the favorite for the final success is France, coached by Didier Deschamps. Having champions such as Mbappe, Benzema, Pogba and Benzema, as well as the Hernandez brothers, Griezmann and youngsters with undeniable qualities, makes the French team with the highest probability of winning. According to two bookmakers, France's success is quoted at 7.00. On an equal footing, with the same share is Neymar's Brazil. A PSG ace in his 30s may have his last big shot at success.
After the top two favorites, a lot of attention is being paid to England, the Euro 2020 finalist who lost on penalties to Italy. The team of Harry Kane, Sterling and Foden - despite the constant failure in major international competitions - is given out, both Rabona1 and Supabets775 and Bet1, to win at odds of 8.20. A little behind is Spain with a height of 8.40.
Italy and Germany have gone down from the pedestal
The coach of the Italian European champion Mancini is only in the fifth position, and both agencies consider the winner to be 11th. On a par with Azzurri is Germany, which is in complete restructuring after the failure of the European Championship. Instead, the victorious Argentina finished in 12th place, while the perpetually unfinished Belgium in 13th. For Lukaku, De Bruyne and Hazard, this could be the last chance to win an important trophy for a national team that has always been at the top of the FIFA rankings in recent years with a phenomenal generation of players.
World Cup 2022: chances of outsiders
Apart from the usual favorites, there is, as usual, no shortage of so-called underdog teams. For Rabona1, Supabets775 and Bet1, winning Portugal is 16th, the Netherlands is 17th and Denmark is 35th. Colombia and Uruguay are listed at 60 , the United States at 100 . The first African team among the favorites was Nigeria, which took 150th place, and the hosts of Qatar - 160th.
Quotas have been set for the time being, but a lot can change before the winter of 2022. Those who are the favorites today may lose blows, and those who are farther behind in the predictions may rise up the ranks and snatch the scepter of their favorite team. Of course, the World Cup has already begun to electrify fans and players.
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