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by on May 14, 2022
If you have done your research on diamonds or bought some diamonds before, you are well aware of the 4C’s of a Diamonds . If you haven’t, it is essentially the ABCs of a diamond that should help you remember! You should find a diamond 4C chart on any good diamond website with details of their own items. Read along to understand what each C stands for and how it affects the way you buy diamonds! Cut The cut of the diamond is said to be the most important aspect of a diamond. It is the angles on the surface of the diamond that allows the gem to sparkle and reflect light in unique ways. Organizations like the GIA grades the cuts on a scale with Ideal or Excellent being the highest. Precision, polishing, and symmetry are taken into account when judging the cuts. Color Diamonds come in many different colors, including the stunning, classic white. It’s important to note that colored diamonds that come in pinks or blues are assessed separately from white diamonds. The GIA grades white diamonds on a scale of D to Z, D being the most colorless and effectively the most ideal. Colorless white diamonds are the rarest, making them more valuable. Clarity Clarity is the characteristic of a diamond being free of any natural flaws or imperfections that affect how clean it looks. In terms of diamonds, these are known as inclusions (imperfections inside the diamond) and blemishes (imperfections on the surface of the diamond). The system to assess the clarity is by using a scale by the GIA, where FL or Flawless is the highest grade. Carat Weight The carat weight refers to the actual weight of your diamond, to give you an idea, according to the GIA, 1 carat is roughly 0.2 grams. While it is obvious that the weight of your diamond adds to the price, it should be the least of your concerns as this trait hardly influences the visual value of your diamond Lastly, use this guide to help you examine a diamond before paying, in order of priority. All four C’s should come at an ideal measure to give you the best diamond at a given price!
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