by on August 10, 2022
that would prepare them for other work.Vigfusson believes that a program that retires netting rights and retrains fishermen will be better for them in the long run because they will be attaining skills capable of providing a sustainable occupation.Moreover, the inland salmon fisheries have the potential to produce additional economic wealth from recreational fishing.’While the value of one salmon is about $15 for a commercial fisherman, that same fish is probably worth $1,000 if it feeds into the sport of line fishing and associated commercial activity.Orri Vigfusson is able to apply his entrepreneurial skills to the North Atlantic salmon problem because the legal environment has established a system of transferable netting rights over which Vigfusson and the fishermen can contract.874, while eider protection is documented as far back as the thirteenth century.In 1230, the owner of an island near Reykjavik and a local priest agreed not to kill eiders.This agreement indicates that locals valued eiders and wanted them protected from excessive exploitation.In the late eighteenth century, the stage was set to move away from eider hunting and toward eider farming.In 1787, the Danish parliament issued a
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