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Two new companies are betting the future on the allure of cheap, lab-grown, synthetic diamond gemstones. However, diamonds' amazing optical, thermal, chemical, and electronic properties make synthetic diamonds more than just beautiful gemstones.

The man-made diamonds are manufactured using a unique proprietary CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology. The Carnegie Institution at the Washington Geophysical Laboratory has established a portfolio of patents related to single crystal CVD diamond growth techniques, and WD is the sole licensee of these patents.

What is manmade Lab Created Grown Diamonds

Of all the discussions about the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds, the question most often asked is, "Are lab-grown diamonds considered natural diamonds?" Yes, they share many of the same qualities. But which one has the biggest difference?

Your historical background is important for lab grown diamond. Man-made or lab-grown diamonds, sometimes called lab-grown diamonds, are grown in a strictly controlled laboratory environment using cutting-edge engineering processes that mimic the conditions in which natural diamonds form deep within the earth. grow up This process typically takes two weeks to two months, but it can take up to a million years to create a manmade quality diamond.

Benefits of Lab grown Manmade Diamonds

  • Eco Friendly

An estimated 100 square feet of land will be destroyed and approximately 6,000 pounds of mineral waste will be generated for every carat of natural diamond mining.

  • Ethically Sourced

Studies show that for every 1,000 workers mining natural diamonds, there is one injury per year, while workers mining lab-grown diamonds have one injury per year. is occurring.

  • Competitively priced

Lab created diamonds UK are 20-30% cheaper than naturally mined diamonds due to the shorter supply chain and faster production.

There are four main reasons why so many people choose cultured diamonds over manmade grown created diamonds


  1. Price - For the first time, lab-grown diamonds let you buy the diamond ring of your dreams without breaking your budget.
  2. Look Identical - Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are similar in many ways. They are tangibly, chemically, and optically matching.
  3. ETHICALLY SOURCED - We only use 100% mine-free and ethically sourced lab-created diamonds. It is the only fully ethical diamond on the market as it is inherently environmentally friendly and conflict-free.
  4. Our diamonds are real - Unfortunately, there are a lot of diamond scams out there. Beware of websites and people promoting the sale of fake diamonds. Many people give names that sound like man-made diamonds, such as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds, moissanite, cubic zirconia, quartz, and diamond simulants. But these are not diamonds, plain and simple. Wedding rings are too important to be mistaken. To make sure you are buying a real diamond, take the time to read our reviews.

Synthetic Diamond Rings may be Polycrystalline or single crystal synthetic diamonds are also possible. Single crystal grains are used for heavy-duty applications. Diamond's characteristic crystal structure is reflected in its immediately recognizable cubic or cub octahedral shape. The process that gives nearly primitive crystals is characterized by slow growth, low-density nucleation, few metallic inclusions, and little or no contact between the many grains that form in the melt. It's one.

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