by on September 20, 2022

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5 Recommended Website Services for Better Google Traffic

Both on-page and off-page factors are more important than ever before for the SEO Optimisation method (SEO). Backlinks are links that point to your website on 3 third websites. Websites are linked to by others if they find them valuable or contribute to the value of their site. Google considers this to be a vote for site A on website B. It rewards the site B voted for with an increased authority score and better ranking.

The result is a growing industry of 3 rd site sites that permit you to include original content to their websites in exchange for links to your site. It's a win-win situation for both sides. It is now the primary option to improve the authority of a website and Google search presence. On-page factors refer to the user experience. These include quality content, how much time users spend on your website, how engaged they are with it, speed of the site and technical issues like fixing mistakes.


Today, I'll present five top-rated SEO services that you can count on to increase the credibility and visibility of your website on Google. It will ultimately result in increased organic/natural traffic to your website.



Fastandy is our first choice. His expertise is in the creation of off-page links using the most natural, safe and effective manners depending on the backlink profile of your site and the age of your website. He has been involved in the SEO business for more than 20 years, and has the experience to prove that. The links we provide are all white-hat, DoFollow powered and powered up with two  level backlink.


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Types of Backlinks Available

  1. Blog Guest Posts- These are the classic niche-specific websites that give you the opportunity to create original, high-quality content in return for the opportunity to link your site.
  2. Forum Guest Posts- These forums permit articles and other content to be published in Off-Topic/Marketing sections etc.
  3. Web2s- These are high traffic general topic sites with high authority. Users can publish articles on these websites without having to host their own websites.
  4. Profiles/Bios- Private websites typically forums as well as Web2s. They permit you to join and complete a profile or bio that includes your site that is visible for Google to crawl.
  5. Site/Forum Comments- These are websites that allow comments with DoFollow hyperlinks to your website/s.
  6. Custom Blend- Depending on your personal requirements, this can be a combination or a combination of all the preceding. Fastandy is easy to approach and discuss this option beforehand.



Alexandra's most popular service is creating an affiliate site like It is possible to select from the categories of up to 10 or import as many items as you want. This is a great option for those who don't have an online presence. A store that is more general in nature could be possible, however you may prefer to concentrate on a particular product or items that you have identified through your keyword research.