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by on September 27, 2022
When your website search result is showing a warning message that your site may be harmful to your computer, your site will get a high chance of getting blacklisted by Google. When the sites got hacked or affected by malware can carry these warnings in order to protect the users without affecting your reputation. In this article, we are going to discuss why your site has been blacklisted by google.

A Google blacklist is a database which is maintained by Google that contains the websites flagged as unsafe for the users by Google or other search engines. These websites may have malicious content and host phishing attacks, spam wares, etc and the google blacklist protects the users from these vulnerabilities. Google is the most popular search engine in which many people got several answers to their questions. Google indexes thousands of web pages and results in giving the relevant page based on the user query.

Google has the responsibility to protect its users from visiting suspicious pages by identifying and blocking malicious content pages. Google regularly scans web pages for malware, deceptive concepts, redirecting links, advertisements, and so on. Google finds the malicious files and content on our website to enhance the security for the visitor and starts showing the google blacklist warning for the website. When the user visiting the website is cautioned with a google warning message, which says something like “Warning – visiting this website may harm your computer”, “this site may harm your computer”, etc. Even the website owners can get notified via email or a message in the google search console.

Website authorities like google help in monitoring the sites that appear on the result page in order to detect the presence of any malware. Most website owners are not aware of being hacked until they realize that their website has been placed on the blacklist of authorities like Google. The following are some of the causes for getting blacklisted by google.


Google blacklists your website when it suspects that your website is being used to spread malicious activity and malware. The pages on your website that have been hacked can automatically download the malware, which can alert google that your website might be the target of a malware campaign. In order to keep the users safe, several browsers display a warning message.


If your website is labeled as fake or deceptive, it might be because your site is on the list of Google’s phishing. Your website may have been modified to collect the user data and send it to other third-party servers, which are controlled by hackers. The modified pages may ask for the sensitive information of their users that will be helpful for the hackers to steal your data. Also, this can decrease the user's trust in the website and affect their reputation.

Using Black Hat SEO Techniques:

If you are using black hat SEO techniques like scraping websites, cloaking, or buying links, it will result in getting blacklisted by google. These methods are unethical as they give an unfair advantage to your website. So, Google will keep looking out for the sites which are using such different techniques and blacklist them.


When google blacklisted your website, your website is taken off the indexing list which means your website will not appear on Google. Also, a warning message is displayed on the website to prevent people from visiting it. Google always removes malicious web pages from the top searches in order to avoid people clicking on the site.
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