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You may need to find a person by photo on the Internet for various reasons - from a girl you like in the subway to an employee who took money and disappeared. Now there are several search options, both paid and free. All that is required for this is a high-quality photo that will give you a link to the social network of the right person, where you can already get his personal data.

Consider the actual way people search free by photos in 2022.

Is it possible to find a person by photo?

From the point of view of the law  , it is possible to “break through” data in social networks, and use photos of people too .

Therefore, a manual search or the use of special services does not threaten anything: after all, you do not distribute the photo - the search program simply compares it with other pictures already posted on the Internet.

How realistic is this?

It is generally possible to break through a person online, but not always and not with a 100% guarantee. Search results largely depend on:

  • the quantity and quality of his photographs, which are available on the Internet in the public domain (naturally, nothing is searched for on closed profiles);
  • the quality of the source on which the search is carried out;
  • appearance of the “target”: how unusual and rare it is, are there any special signs.

The conclusion is this : if a person does not use social networks, or does not upload his real and relevant (and not 5-10 years old) photos to them, it will most likely be very difficult to find him.

What should be the search photo?


  • not blurry;
  • colored;
  • not small, some sites even have requirements for a minimum resolution (if they are not, then it is advisable to use images with a size of at least 500x500 pixels);
  • necessarily with a face, ideally looking straight into the camera, so that the outlines of the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead height, hairline, head shape and other important details of appearance that search engine algorithms work on can be seen;
  • if there are any special signs (for example, a bright hair color, or an unusual hairstyle, or a scar, or tattoos) - ideally, they should also be clearly visible;
  • it is important that there is only one person in the frame (if the original photo allows, it is better to cut off the “extra” people).

Sometimes it is possible to identify a person from a photo online, even if there is more than one close-up face in the picture, but, for example, the “target” is standing in full growth. This is possible if a similar photo has already been uploaded to his social networks, so in any case you need to try it out.

How to find a person by photo on the Internet for free

Method number 1: Google Pictures

Search robots also check social networks, so through Yandex and Google you can find a profile by photo. The search is carried out in approximately the same way, so we combined these PS into one.

How to search:

  • We open any of the search engines, and go to the  Google Pictures  or  Yandex . Pictures service page ;
  • In the right corner of the search bar, click the button with a lens for Yandex or a camera for Google to upload a photo. There are several ways to do this: paste the URL, upload a picture from the phone's gallery or from the PC's hard drive, or drag the file onto the search window;
  • As a result, search engines will show the most similar photos. If you click on any, its source will be visible. If it was found on some social network, there will also be a link to this page.

Important : search engines cannot find social networks by photo if a person has a closed profile, or if he has closed his page from indexing by search robots .

Method number 2:  browser extensions

One of the most famous is called:  Search by Image . Available in Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Edge. Searches in several places at once: in the issuance of search engines, on Shutterstock, Alamy and TinEye. Used everywhere the same way:

  • Install the extension, after which it appears in the list of available ones;
  • Click on the extension icon in the browser;
  • We choose a source. You can specify a URL or upload a photo from memory;
  • We choose where to search (you can limit yourself to some separate service, for example, only TinEye), and start the search.

Services for finding people by photo:

  • TinEye  - not very powerful, but not the first  service known to users, allows you to upload photos from your phone or search by URL.
  • S earch4faces  is a good and fast search engine for social networks (Instagram,  TikTok), including avatars.

Method number 3: search chatbots in Telegram

There are many bots looking for free information on people inside the Telegram messenger. We list the main ones, you can try them all:

  • @j369_bot - searches in Yandex, Google and Bing pictures;
  • @PoiskovichokBot - searches on Facebook .

They work the same way: we drive the name of the bot into the Telegram search, launch it, and send the bot a photo of the right person. If something is found, info or a link will come in response.

Method number 4: applications for smartphones

You can find a person by a photo from the gallery on a smartphone through the online services listed above, through the chat bots in Telegram, and through Google / Yandex Pictures, if you open the desktop versions of these sites. And there are also special applications for Android and iPhone.

For example:

  • Search by Image
  • FindClone
  • TinEye
  • Google Lens
  • Image Search
  • Photo Sherlock

Paid methods for finding people on the Internet

Method number 5: online services

Pimeyes . A powerful, but expensive site in English, checks, including criminal reports, databases and news. Without registration and for free, it can show only 3 photos, where the face is as similar as possible to the uploaded picture, but without links and any information. The subscription costs from $30 per month.

Himera Search . A powerful multifunctional service for breaking through a bunch of different information. In addition to searching for a person by photo, here you can get a whole dossier about him - from the last name to the real estate and cars registered on it. The project works not only with open sources, but also with closed redeemed databases.

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