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As a player, you must be wondering about the Magical Odds slot machine. Well, if you are planning a trip to a casino city such as Nevada, Las Vegas, Macau, or China, you have to know how to play that game.

For your information, Magical Odds is a land-based casino slot game. Even though slots are determined one the simplest casino games, the offline slot has different things to the online slot.

It is a good idea if you are looking for a review of a land-based slot game. As there are many online slot reviews over offline slots. That is why we want to share with you how to play one of the land-based slot games that is called a Magical Odds slot machine in this article.

The Overview of Slot Machine

Before we get into the Magical Odds slot machine, it is a good idea to explain to you the overview of the slot machine. If you have never played a land-based slot game before, we can describe it as tall machines with spinning reels as the main mechanism.

The reels have a number of symbols on them that land in a random order of 3 once you press the spin button. If you have matching three symbols at one time or make a certain pattern which the machine displays, you will win a big total of money.

However, a slot machine is not always guaranteed that you will be winning the jackpot. For instance, matching 3 cross symbols will earn you up to $5 or how much you bet at first. However, if you match three Gold Bar symbols it can give you more winnings.

How to Play the Magical Odds Slot Machine

Even though the opportunity to win from a slot machine seems just a little, however, it can discourage players from enjoying the slot machine. Slot is a game with a theme that will entertain players for a long play. Here, we have gathered how to play Magical Odds in land-based casinos.

1. Play with the Most Lower Bets

You know, playing with max bet level is not recommended for players who are playing a Magical Odds slot machine kind of luck-based game on a small to medium size of bankroll. To play in lower bets is usually a better choice for sheer entertainment and good strategy.

It allows players more opportunities on the machine to get better experience as well. More opportunities to win in the long run after many practices with smaller bet sizes. But remember, play slot machine just for an entertainment factor.

2. Pocket Your Winnings

To play with real money and earn is injudicious for players. It can make one go back home with nothing in his/her hands. Of course, it is so painful but deliberating on risking the money.

However, it is unwise knowing that winning fully well is not guaranteed while playing the slot machine games or any other casino game for that matter. You have to be a good money manager when in a land-based casino by learning your bankroll and only playing with it.

3. Manage Your Bankroll

Lastly, your bankroll should be considered only the money you brought with you to the land-based casino. We know this can be difficult to do at times. However, trust us! We have been there and done it, as far as winning big and then ending up playing all our winnings back and losing the original bankroll which we took with us.

Gaming System of Magical Odds

Full size Magical Odds 8-Liner gaming system listed for the entertaining only. It is a slot machine with three card poker that is so easy to learn but will entertain you for a long run game.

The game actually looks like the other slots online such as Starbust, Gates of Olympus, Immortal Romance, etc in online casino 777Hoki. However, the game is fruit-themed with a good design visual that you can clearly see.

There are a few features that will be beneficial for you such as Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and Free Spins. All regular symbols in the base game will be replaced with the Wild symbol, but not for the Scatter symbol.


Well, you already know how to play the Magical Odds slot machine in a land-based casino. Don’t forget to always pay attention to your bankroll to avoid bankruptcy fastly.

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