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by on November 10, 2022
Maintaining the ideal temperature for your coral reef tank is one of the important factors. Corals give an elegant look to your aquarium. Clickcorals offers different types of corals for sale. The suitable temperature for the corals in the reef tank is about 77 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 to 26 degree Celsius. A stable temperature is critical for the corals to survive. So, you should always install quality heather and chiller. Also, you can use a thermometer in order to monitor the temperature of your reef tank easily.

What Happens When the Reef Tank is at the Wrong Temperature?

When setting your reef tank to the right temperature will necessitate the correct environment for the growth of the corals and other organisms. If you set your tank at the wrong temperature, you will start facing some consequences. They are as follows.

Affects the Growth of the Corals:

When the temperatures of your reef tank fluctuate continuously and are not set at the right values, it affects the growth of the corals and other organisms inside the tank. For growing the corals, the temperature is more important.

Affects the Lifespan of the Corals:

The lifespan of the corals is amazing, and they live up to 500 years in their natural habitat. If these are not in a suitable environment and not set at an ideal temperature, there is a higher possibility to affect their lifespan. Also, corals can die if they stay too long in unfavorable conditions.

Stops Regular Activities:

When the temperature in the reef tank is not in a perfect range, it will affect the regular activities of the corals. For example, mating. If the temperature in the reef tank is not conducive, it affects the coral mating behavior as it may refuse to mate.

Causes Bleaching in the Corals:

Corals are kept by the aquarists because of their beautiful and elegant looks. They are very colorful and can add beauty to your reef tank. The color of the colors can be affected when there is an irregularity in the temperature. When the temperature is not within range, corals can lose their colors and looks pale. This process is called bleaching.

Leads to the Death of the Corals:

The wrong temperature will affect your reef tank and worsen the death of the organisms present in the tank. Keeping your corals at the wrong temperature for too long will lead to their death. So, it is essential to maintain the right temperature in the tank in order to make your corals stay healthy and alive.


Keeping the temperature of your reef tank at the correct values is more important for the survival and well-being of your corals.
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