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The impact printer is a printing device that operates by virtue of striking a plastic or metal head against ink ribbons. The ink ribbon gets pressed against the paper and marks the page with appropriate characters, dots, lines or symbols. Some well-known examples of the impact printers include ball printers, daisy wheel printers, and dot matrix. These are not used as much as the non-impact printers like laserjet and inkjet printers but are still believed to print quite effectively. To know more about the different types of impact printers out there, read on.
Dot Matrix Printers
The dot matrix printers are known to work by striking grids of pins against the ribbons. The different characters get printed through the use of different print combinations. The printing speed is quite fast, with a good deal of precision being ensured during the printing process.
Daisy Wheel Printers
The daisy wheel printers make use of circular wheels with each wheel having a petal on it. The petals have a different symbol or character at the end. The wheel then spins over to the correct petal in order to print a character and a hammer immediately strikes the petal against first the ribbon and then the page.
Ball Printers
The ball printers are a type of impact printers that make use of spherical balls that feature raised characters on their outside. The spherical ball spins to every character prior to printing it on pages. The ball printers don’t generate much sound while in operation and are known to be as precise as the dot matrix printers.

What are the Benefits of using Impact Printers?
1.Used for Printing Carbon Copies
As said by experts on the impact printers are used exclusively for the printing of carbon copies, something that the non-impact printers cannot really do. The carbon copies printed by impact printing devices are of very high quality and usually have a long shelf life.
2.Precise and High-Quality Printing
The impact printers are known to ensure absolute precision for the printing work that is done. A lot of attention is paid to detail by the impact printers.
What are the Disadvantages of using Impact Printers?
1.Expensive to Buy
The impact printers cannot be used over an extensive period of time and are known to go bust quite easy. These are printers that are also quite expensive to buy and are well beyond the means of the average working professional or home office owner.
2.Huge Costs of Maintenance
The maintenance costs that are associated with running and using an impact printer are huge. The money spent on maintaining an impact printer is even more than the money spent on buying it in the first place, so using it is certainly not a good idea.
Thus, while the impact printers do indeed continue to serve their purpose, the prevalence and use of non-impact printers have made their existence quite unnecessary today. The impact printers are cost-effective and easy to use and cater to professionals of every age group and budget. :smiley:
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