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Launching a branded or corporate event is paramount to expanding your consumer audience, controlling your brand reputation, and establishing your company as a top industry player. Planning is that first crucial step, and while corporate tour managers may have a playbook for organizing their global event, working with an expert company that offers full service corporate and branded event tour logistics will help ensure that every fine detail is perfectly executed to planning and running a seamless tour.
Vetting Various Corporate and Branded Tour Logistics Companies
Corporate tour managers will need to begin their search online for finding companies that offer international branded event logistics planning and delivery. While most companies are professional and experienced, other providers are lackluster but put up a great front. Make sure the companies you are considering have current websites that inform of their services in a clear and easy manner and provide easy methods of contact. Avoid contacting companies that have old sites who don’t care to update their information, as this is a clear reflection of their poor attention to details in providing service. Look for the following instead:
● Well established in the industry with 10+ years’ experience
● Has client portfolio of big-name corporations and high-profile celebrities
● Offers ALL services necessary to planning and execution a branded tour
● Focuses on client’s budgetary and time restrictions
● Has a global network of professionals in all sectors of logistics
Calling Your Short List
Once you have narrowed down a short list of branded event logistics professionals, you will need to reach out be it through an online contact form, live chat, or a phone call. Before you have your first conversation think of a logistics problem you have had in a past event. It could be associated with freight forwarding, warehousing or passenger charters; anything that disrupted your budget or timeline. Relay the problem to the corporate event logistics provider and ask them how they would have handled the situation or prepared for the event to avoid the issue. If they start shooting answers right off the bat be wary. However, if they ask more probing questions about your brand, goals, tour specifics and the event so they can give an answer to your question, then you know you are off to a good start with a company that truly offers custom solutions to complex problems.
Make Sure the Corporate Event Logistics Company is Full-Service
Nothing invites chaos like having to go to multiple providers for various services to accomplish a branded tour. When this happens communication has holes, the cost typically soars upward, and there is never true alignment. Make sure you partner with a provider that offers all the services necessary for running a successful corporate tour. These specialties include:
● International freight forwarding (air, ship, rail, truck)
● Packaging and crating
● Warehousing
● ATA Carnets and customs brokerage
● Insurance broker
● Passenger air charter
● Concierge
Make sure that the logistics company has seasoned experts responsible for each department who use state-of-the-art communication technology across channels to ensure all tours run without any bumps. Finally, make sure your personality, business ethics, and overall gut feeling gels with the logistics touring company and if you can get all of this every branded event you launch will be a cakewalk.
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