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There are several trampolines sold in the market but one thing is for sure, not all of them are sure fun. Probably you have seen hundreds of funny videos where most trampolines snaps and the person jumping on it gets funny accidents. Come to think of it, it is an accident and sometimes the results of these accidents are no longer funny. In fact, according to the 2016 statistics, each year there are 100,000 injuries and more than a million were rushed to the emergency rooms dated last 2002 to 2011. Additionally, most of the victims are children below 16 years old where 93 percent of them had fractures.

There is nothing wrong with buying things that encourage healthy physical activities, but it should be safe and fun at the same time. If you are planning to buy a trampoline for the family, below are some tips on how to choose the right and safe trampoline.

Tip #1: Choose trampoline with a safer frame.

Check the trampoline's frame; this is probably one of the basic, yet crucial rules when choosing the right trampoline. According to some sports enthusiasts, who use the trampoline as one of their exercise workout, the frame should be well-constructed, must be sturdy and made from non-damaging metal. Also, the frame's edges should not be rough or it should be free from rust to avoid accidental cutting of strings.

Tip #2: The pipe edges should have smooth cut.

One of the reasons why the trampoline easily snaps is because of rusty pipe edges. Imagine, 3 to 4 children who weigh a total of more than 500 pounds starts jumping simultaneously on a rusty trampoline, the next thing will happen is an accident.

Tip #3: Round is better than rectangular.

Although rectangular trampolines are best for a large number of people and it provides greater bounce than the oval or round shaped trampolines, according to the experts, round trampolines are much safer due to its structural stability and better jumping surface. Also, rectangular or squared shaped trampolines tend to create high bounces that can be very dangerous to children.

Tip #4: Choose spring-less trampoline.

The traditional trampolines are bombarded with springs, but if you want your children to definitely try jumping on one that is safe, choose spring-less trampoline. Trampolines with springs can be very dangerous even if they are padded.

Tip #5: Choose trampoline with net.

Trampoline with an enclosure or with net wrap can keep any of your children from falling off the edges. Although these types are a bit pricey, choosing safety over price is the best move you will ever do to keep your family safe while they are having fun. Trampoline is fun; however, not all the time you will enjoy being in trampoline, especially if someone got injured due to improper use of the trampoline, manufacture defect, or made from low-quality materials. If you want your family to enjoy using the trampoline, try choosing those that are durable and safe for the entire family. Or you could visit Trampoline Today's website to find the suitable trampoline for your family.