David Raj
by on March 1, 2018
What training do you need? There are many ways to get to Network Security Engineer. In the profession, there are from IT or telecommunications engineers to graduates of vocational training who have completed the higher education training cycle of computer systems. There are also people who have studied in private training centers or who have followed an occupational training course. In all cases, English is valued as complementary knowledge, although it is not essential, and training in the technologies of the manufacturers with the most presence in the market. When it comes to the truth, it is very important to know how the products of each brand work. What qualities should they gather? Computer Network Technician must be with a great capacity to solve problems in a quite autonomous way. Therefore, they must be patient, reflective and tolerate small 'failures', because they will not always be able to provide the solutions that most satisfy them. They must develop communication skills because an important part of their work is to solve incidents. They must be in constant contact with the users and understand what they are asking for. Cyber Security Engineer should be didactic with them to explain why there is a problem in the network and how long it will take to solve it. What professional perspectives do they have? In principle they have it easy enough to find work, especially in medium and large companies, in research centers and in communication companies or computer solutions. But they can also develop their activity in PIMES, if they are willing to work in a multipurpose way, that is, to be responsible not only for the network but for computer maintenance in general. The remuneration is high: around 18,030 euros gross per year for those who start and over 36,060 euros for Freelance Field Engineers with experience in local networks. Those who work in the management of a network of networks can exceed 48,081 euros.
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