Imperial place
by on March 3, 2018
- Is a State-owned stock company, abbreviated N.H.O - Being an experienced unit in project development and development with more than 20 projects in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City. - To date, the investor N.H.O handed over 4, 710 including apartments, townhouses, villas and resorts. - As a joint venture between Vietnam, Singapore and Korea, N.H.O specializes in developing real estate projects. Thanks to experience and financial resources from Korea, Singapore through Vietnam, N.H.O has taken tremendous steps in acquiring more than 20 large land funds throughout North - Central - South. Imperial Place is located in front of Duong Vuong Canal, Binh Tan District. Right next to AEOmall Name of Fire, residential area is dubbed as Little Hong Kong of Vietnam. Imperial Palace will own all facilities in Binh Tan's most liveliest area, access the most luxurious living facilities such as shopping centers, sports facilities, class services, international schools, diseases . Streets and residential areas are planned A-Z, raising the quality of life in the area. Especially Metro 3a will change all appearance and value Imperial Place to new heights.        Imperial Place Binh Tan apartment next to Phu Lam Park 37 Ha, which functions as a climate regulator and a place for relaxation, sports training. In general, projects that are close to the park provide a much better quality of life than other projects.          Surrounding the location of Imperial Place is the convergence of all the "most" of Binh Tan District, residents will enjoy a life of the best quality. Comfort and Reason for Residence are two factors towards Imperial. Imperial Place combines the most advanced living facilities such as business center, service area, health care area, Gym, Spa, BBQ, garden house, Swimming pool     Here, the residents will be taking care of their lives in the best way, being a real residence for their families with Security, Absolute Amenities and leading living facilities. 1. GOLDEN POSITION The Imperial Place is located in the center of Binh Tan District (called Hong Kong of Vietnam), the gateway to the West of Ho Chi Minh City, easy to connect to. Neighboring districts are: Binh Chanh, District 7, District 6, District 1, District 2. The residential development is synchronous, with full facilities to serve the needs of people as well as leisure shopping: Aeonmall Binh Tan , Trieu An Hospital, International City Hospital, Galaxy Cinema, Big C An Lac, small star international school, Phu Lam market. gem riverside ⇒ 2. AREA UP TO 18,000M2 with internal facilities including Gym, Spa, Swimming pool, children's play area ⇒ 3. BUDGET EAST SUGGESTIONS The road width of 60m facilitates the movement of residents. Traffic flow, near the Western bus station is easy to move to the West, trading business. ⇒ 4. IMPERIAL PLACE PROJECT FOR SALE 800 APT / TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT FOR MULTIPLE BEDROOM APARTMENT, suitable for young families, young customers who want a private home. ⇒ 5. PAYMENT METHODS ONLY 10% of the value is immediately received apartment, this is definitely an option not to be missed for young families. ⇒ 6. THE MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE. Now is not a better time to own the Imperial Place project at a time when the market is at the best competitive price. ⇒ 7. TOP INVESTOR is N.H.O JSC, a joint venture of TAG JSC and NIBC Investment Co., which inherits the experience of founders from Korea, Singapore, Vietnam. ⇒ 8. LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES have a building permit, land red book, complete land tax procedures          With the orientation of putting the interests of customers on the top, we would like to bring to customers not only a product, an apartment but a real "home" - a place for you to always remember. No matter where you are in this world. read more diamond sea
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