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HP printers are not just limited to print quality text. They are upgraded to scan images and documents and send faxes. It can also connect to your wireless router.
But when it is wireless then chances are high that HP printer encounters some technical issues and thus failing to produce quality printouts.
If you are a user of HP Office jet 6600 Printer then here you can check out some fixes for wireless connection issues with HP printer.
Recheck If Your Wireless Light Is ON
Blue light near the wireless icon on your printer must be on otherwise it cannot connect to WIFI
• Press the right arrow on your printer
• Now select Setup Network
• Select On if you see Wireless: Off
Check If Your Computer Is Connected To Your Wireless Network
Sometimes it happens automatically that you get disconnected to your wireless network and then get connected to your neighbor’s. This is why you are suggested to personalize your Wireless Network Name (SSID).
Perform a Complete Power Cycle
In order to fix the wireless connectivity issue of your printer, the simplest way is complete power cycle. It involves synchronization of all the settings of the devices.
How to do:
• Turn OFF everything including modem, router, printer, and then the computer.
• Turn ON your devices back after waiting few seconds in the same order as you turn off
Check If Your Computer Is Connected To the Network over VPN
VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to secure data over the Internet. But, most of the VPN services don’t permit access to local devices when working under VPN. So the quick fix is to disconnect from the VPN and then connecting the printer again to your wireless network.
When above-given solutions do not work and you feel difficulty to get it done then HP printer support is very helpful. You can get here a friendly assistance and get your problem resolved in no time.
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