Anna Preston
by on March 22, 2018
There are plenty of paths you can take when looking for a job in the care sector, but one that seems to be growing in popularity and demand is that of being a live-in carer. But would it be the right job for you?

Creating a rapport with your client

Delivering exceptional care to an elderly person is the primary objective of live in care jobs, but one of the surprising additional benefits is building a close friendship with your client. If you were a carer in a residential care home, you would be dealing with lots of different residents, and it is unlikely you would ever be able to get to know them as well as if you were a live in care provider. As a live-in carer, you will have lots of time to get to know your client – their likes and dislikes, their personality, their family members and their characteristics. Knowing all about them will lead to a better relationship, and help you begin to anticipate their needs.

Job satisfaction and security

Being a carer for anyone – be it professionally or for a loved one – is a specialised vocation that takes a unique and dedicated person to do it. The rewards for becoming a live-in carer are not just financial. Whilst live-in carers can benefit from having a private room, internet access, a generous wage and making savings on rent/mortgage payments, utility bills and transport costs, the knowledge that you are making an enormous difference to the life of an elderly client is hugely rewarding too.

No two days are ever the same

If there is one thing you can predict about being a live-in carer, it is the unpredictability of your day! Unlike working at a residential care home, you do not have to stick to a schedule for things like mealtimes and recreation. You will be able to help your elderly client with everything from getting dressed in the morning to getting them to their bingo night or social group. Doing even the smallest tasks – reminding them to take their medication, or switching on their favourite television programme – will mean supporting them in every way that matters.

Support and advice for you

Knowing that you are closely on hand day and night to help and assist your elderly client will be of great comfort to them, but what about you? Being a live-in carer does not mean you are alone in going about your daily employment. If you work with a care company, you will have support and assistance of your own. You will have managers that can guide you and provide on the job training for all kinds of aspects of your job. If you need to take a break, your employers can arrange for a relief carer to take over, so there is no disruption to your client’s daily care. The life of a live-in carer is one that is dedicated and specialised, but incredibly fulfilling. More and more care workers are choosing to be live-in carers and really make a difference to elderly people’s lives.
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