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If you choose to become a live-in carer, you will be providing an exceptional service for those in need. Carers truly are special and remarkable people. Dedicating your life to being a caretaker is an unselfish and rewarding career choice, as there will always be elderly people that require assistance. Being a social care worker in any capacity is a vocation, but being a live in care worker is particularly special. But what would the job entail?

Living in means better care

Being a live-in carer would mean moving into the home of elderly person they are looking after. This does sound like a rather large sacrifice, but you would be on call during the night and daytime to help your client in any way. Giving an elderly person this kind of security and comfort means a great deal to them and their families, as you would be there to help with household tasks, cooking and personal care. The enormity of your assistance to the quality of their lives cannot be underestimated, as building up a close relationship with your client will help you to anticipate their needs. The feeling of ‘home’ that elderly people have from being able to be cared for by a live-in carer will be of benefit to you both.
live in care jobs differ greatly to working in a residential care home, as being a live-in carer means you are not expected to make the elderly person stick to a set schedule. You can help the client lead their own, independent life on their own terms, retaining their family home, memories and dignity. You can help the client stay in contact with friends and family, and attend social groups when they want and you can assist them in shopping for and prepare their own meals.

Benefits to you

As well as being a helper and a friend to your client, you will benefit financially from choosing to be a live-in carer. Not having to pay rent or a mortgage on a home, not having to pay utility bills and not having to commute to work will mean you make significant savings on your outgoings. You will have your own room in the home, and the client is obliged to provide you with internet access, plus you will be entitled to paid holidays and a two hour break during any 12 hour shift. You will be entitled to your private space, and have eight hours of sleep at night, with time off in lieu during the day if you are required to assist your client at night. As you will be caring for one person, you will have the opportunity to build up a rapport and even a close friendship, helping you to better assist your client with their lives and anticipate their needs.
Being a live-in carer can be challenging, and may not be the right career choice for everyone, but if you possess the skills and characteristics required of a live-in carer, it can be a very rewarding and fulfilling job.
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